Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber-Monday have opened our winter Holiday season.  This is a busy time, of shopping for gifts, planning holiday gatherings, and decorating our homes.

In the Glow of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving begins a season of family gathering, shopping and stress.

Thanksgiving Opens Our Fall and Winter Season of Joyful Holidays. Prepare Your Skin

However, at Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa, we strive to maintain the attitude of gratitude long after the turkey of Thanksgiving is gone.

Thanksgiving Blessing 1:  We hold gratefulness in our hearts for the freedom we have in this country.  Likewise, we have been grateful to God for the warm and welcoming spirit of the Sarasota community. 

Thanksgiving Blessing 2:  And we have given joyful thanks that we can raise our children in such a place as Sarasota. It is a place so blessed with natural beauty, art and culture.

Thanksgiving Blessing 3:  Last but never least, we are thankful for the loyalty and friendship of our clients, our patients, and our professional associates.  Let us take this holiday opportunity to thank you for your friendship, support, and business.

We are Thankful that Altiora can Provide You with a “Higher Place” in These Stressful Times

As we have explained previously, one of the most significant meanings included with the word Altiora in Latin is “ascending upward” or “always striving toward higher things.”  Thus, we are ever striving to hold on to “gratitude as an attitude.”  And to also hold close the Spirit of Thanksgiving during these busy holiday planning and shopping days.

How We Live In the Spirit of Thanksgiving or What’s in a Name?

We believe that the Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa brings you options.  These options raise your health, well-being, and beauty to a higher place in your self-esteem.  “Altiora in votis” has the meaning of “Set your heart on higher things.” 

One Way to De-Stress in Busy Holiday Times:  Take Care of Your Skin

Thanksgiving brings us chill evenings in even the warmest climates.

Watch Our For Your Skin During Chill Evenings at the Beach

We know that you understand the value we offer in our beautiful skincare services here with the Sapphire3.  And we have told you about the benefits of Thermi, and various peels and masks.  These skin services are here for you.  But as you rush about accomplishing holiday tasks, what can you take home and use for yourself?

Perhaps you are unaware that our own Dr. Cicilioni of Altiora actually created our own skincare line.  Occasional professional appointments are necessary to keep youthful, glowing, healthy skin at any age.  But a daily skin care regime can produce your best possible skin quality and texture.

Altiora Skincare Products and your Skin Confidence

Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa has a range of products which are more like prescriptions than skincare items.  And now, things get personal for this writer, who has blogged for Dr. and Mrs. Orlando Cicilioni since 2011.  I have utilized some of these products for 5 weeks, and in fact, I am amazed at the effect they have had on my skin.

Many compliments have come my way, and they began in the first week.  People have even asked if I have had a little work done recently.   And let me add that my skin is hyper-sensitive and not the easiest skin to treat.  Thus, I write with great pride about a few of my favorite Altiora Skin Care products.  And I would be remiss if I did not mention what wonderful gifts they would make, were you to make a visit to the beautiful office in Sarasota.

A Dream Product to Fight the Harmful Rays of the Sun:  My Favorite Product Number One

Thanksgiving begins our season of special skincare

A Pretty Woman Can Be Pretty at any Age if She Cares for Her Skin. At Altiora. We Can Help You.

Melanin Shade is the name of the Altiora Sunscreen.  And it will surprise you in more ways than one.  It has a bronzing agent that actually induces a glowing surface effect on your skin. Even in the winter, you can look sun-kissed without the risk-taking behavior, harmful of exposure to the rays of the sun.  My Personal Response:  This sunscreen did not smell like sunscreen at all and it gave a little color to my ivory skin.  During the summer, it completely replaced my foundation, and felt absolutely velvety.

More Magic from Melanin Shade

1.    The Sun-Kissed Glow:  “Imagine a new kind of sunscreen that provides that look immediately “upon application–without the use of the typically smelly tanning ingredients.”

2.   Presenting Melanin Shade:  As far as we know here at Altiora, this is the first daily-use facial sunscreen that incorporates and activates nature’s own bronzing skin compound.  That compound is actually formed by the skin itself during sun exposure.

3.   No Sneezing While Applying:  The compound is fragrance-free and enriched with antioxidants and vitamins like C, E, and Ferulic acid.

4.   No Odor after Application: Because Melanin Shade is a DHA-free formulation, it deposits no unpleasant odor on the skin.  My Personal Reaction:  A sunscreen can do no good stashed in the bottom of my purse.  But this is so pleasant to use that I re-apply it regularly and properly.

Favorite Skin Care Product Number 2:  Hydra Lite Clarifying Moisturizer

You might already know that your skin gets just as thirsty in the winter as it does in the summer.  Altiora has two awesome moisturizers to nourish and plump skin after a long dog-walk in chill morning air or a day in the dry-air processed heating of the office.

Hydra-Lite Clarifying Moisturizer:  My skin type dictates an oil-free formula moisturizer.  For me, there is no better choice than Altiora’s Hydra Lite Clarifying Moisturizer.  But that is not the only moisturizer Altiora offers.  You could choose the Hydra Riche formula if your skin is very dry.

My Personal Reactions:  I found the Hydra Lite provided age-defying hydration on every dry plane of my face. Most surprising to me, I found it left my skin luminous, and a tiny bit of the formula lasted all day long.  Once again, I found it replaced my foundation when I layered my Melanin Shade over it.  The Hydra Lite gave me a polished glow without a thick or greasy feel.  And one more feature it enhanced:  suppleness.  I personally found the Hydra Lite Clarifying Moisture left my skin silky with moisture.

Happy Cyber Monday and Thank You for Reading our Blog

Good walks and good skin care have given this family three generations of beauty.

Good Skin Care Can Be Seen In Three Generations

In our next blog, Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa will be providing you with some tips to enhance your winter skin.  Plus we will provide you with more information about Altiora skincare products that will help you keep your skin healthy and beautiful.  Thus it is that we are always hoping to become that mythical place to which you can ascend as you search for serenity and confidence through health, beauty, and well-being.

Thus we close the chapter on Thanksgiving, but not on the spirit of thanks.  As we open our Hearts to the joy of major holidays to come, we pledge never to lose the spirit of thankfulness awakened during the season of gratitude.

Spoiler Alert:  Whether you are 28 or 58, you will love the Triple Eye Cream.  That’s for sure, but that’s part of our next blog story.

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