Oxylight is a Triple Treat for the texture and tone of your skin!

Oxylight is A Triple Treat for Your Summer Skin

Oxylight Therapy by Sapphire 3 is an especially good summer treat for your skin! It is being served by Altiora Med Spa well trained professionals in triple scoops!

Summer Skin Requirement:  Professional Nourishment For Summer!

Our beloved Florida sunshine can be brutal on skin, and you need more than your daily skin routine to keep your summer skin nourished and youthful. As we have said previously, we believe you need professional attention help to keep summer skin in top condition.  One of our own professional skin treatments available  is a session with the Oxylight By Sapphire 3.

We call it a triple treat or triple decker because it uses the natural components of Light, Oxygen and Micro-current.  Put together, the three treats on the summer Oxylight treatment menu are more powerful than each of them done separately–yet they are gentle.

Summer Skin Rejuvenation:  Show Me the Science!

These elements complement the natural manner in which our skin rejuvenates itself.  Put more technically, the three natural components

Summer is a great time for Oxylight Therapy!

Summer Treatment for wonderful skin: Oxylight!

can be more specifically named:

1.      Wave-lengths of Light,
2.      Diamond Micro-dermabrasion,
3.      Oxygen infused with vitamins and serums.

The treatment with its companion serums can actually lessen fine lines and wrinkles, tighten sagging Skin and slightly tone the muscles beneath it.  Did you know that Oxylight also provides gentle help for acne scars, hyper-pigmentation, lymphatic drainage and enlarged or clogged pores?

Likewise, there are three mysteries behind the refreshing and revitalizing effect of Oxylight.  The following comments are designed to bring you more understanding of the medical science behind the above three listed treats for your skin

First Mystery:  Wavelengths of Light

The Oxylight treatment utilizes wavelengths of light to liven up the cells that produce collagen production.  These wavelengths also destroy harmful bacteria.  The science uses radio frequency waves, combined with light in order to oxygenate and tighten your skin.  The light and the Rf waves are powerful but gentle.  In fact, they generate a sensation of relaxation.

Second–Diamond Micro-dermabrasion:

The Oxylight equipment includes a totally unique, amazingly gentle, diamond micro-abrasion tip on the hand-piece used by the skilled professionals at Altiora Med Spa.  This unique tip delivers ablation and exfoliation in a manner that is pain-free, crystal-free, and suction-free.

The immediate improvement in the tone, texture and appearance of the skin is obvious.  This unique micro-dermabrasion system will allow your skin to better absorb the oxygen and light therapies.  This feature of the Oxylight Therapy can improve age spots, darkened patches of skin and black heads and reduce light scars and fine lines.  Even the acne cannot resist the healing power of this part of the treatment.

The Third Mystery: The Power of Oxygen:

Perhaps the most potent feature of the treatment is oxygen.  “Oxylight’s unique oxygen system takes the regular air you are breathing, called “ambient air,” and transforms it to 95% pure oxygen.

Summer is the time for special skin care.

Summer Skin Loves Oxylight by Sapphire 3

Then the Altiora skin professional combines nutrients, vitamins and oxygen to infuse and penetrate your skin at a deep level.  The appropriate formula for your skin can be applied at individualized settings: Oxygen High Pressure Spray, Oxygen Spray, and Negative Pressure Vacuum Therapy.

Your summer skin will radiate a new, younger appearance.  Just lay back, Relax and rejuvenate.  The Oxylight triple treat Therapy has been a well-kept secret of Hollywood Beauties for years.

Simply call us for your Oxylight skin therapy; it’s a refreshing summer vacation for your skin–And it doesn’t even add any calories!

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