Melanin is a natural compound created by your skin when exposed to the sunshine.  This article will be different from most blogs about sunscreen.  And as the Florida sun grows warmer, you will no doubt, see many new articles about it.

Melanin brings out your "Golden Glow."

Melanin Sunscreen Dream:
A New Type of Sunscreen for Spring 2018

There are several reasons this article is different.  And the type of sunscreen it introduces is unique.  Especially relevant is the fact that, this special chemical, Melanin, makes a huge part of the difference.  Read on to learn what this compound, mixed with a few other ingredients, can do for your skin.

Melanin:  the “Secret Sauce” for Sunscreen.

Melanin is odorless and it is good for people of every skin type.  Added to a few other ingredients, it becomes Altiora Melanin Shade Sunscreen.  In the formula, you can also analyze 7.5% Octinoxate, 5% Zinc Oxide.

Melanin and the Phenomenon of Glowing Skin

The Melanin actually induces a glowing, sun-kissed surface effect on your skin.  You see, special ingredient is a bronzing agent.

It imparts a healthy, lightly sun-kissed bronzing glow that is immediately obvious.  This makes the skin and attractive.  And without risk-taking behavior harmful of exposure to the rays of the sun.  Because this danger is so serious, you may want to read more about sun damage at this informative site.

More Facts about Melanin Shade

Glowing skin from Altiora with the new product, Melanin.

Melanin: “Bringing Us a Little Bronze to Every Type of Skin” from Altiora.

  1. The Sun-Kissed Glow:  “Imagine a new kind of sunscreen that provides that sun-kissed Glow.  And it does so immediately upon application.  All of this without the use of the “typically smelly tanning ingredients.”
  2. Presenting Melanin Shade: We are proud to introduce this unique product.  “This is the first daily-use facial sunscreen that incorporates the natural bronzing compound formed by the skin itself during sun exposure.
  3. Nose-Friendly Product: The compound is fragrance-free and enriched with antioxidants.  And it also contains much-needed vitamins like C, E and Ferulic acid.
  4. Odorless Product: Because Melanin Shade is a DHA-free formulation, it deposits no unpleasant odor on the skin.

Remember, Melanin Shade is a new kind of sunscreen.  In addition, it provides that sun-kissed glow appearance as soon as you apply it.

Of Course, we love the exciting new product.  We love it for all of the trendy beauty and dramatic bronzer effect.  However, we also have a more emotional reason to love it.  You see, we often note that patients leave their sunscreen in the bottom of their beach bag or on the towel.  It can do no good if it not applied properly and often to the skin.

The special beauty of the glowing Melanin Shade is startlingly dramatic.  And so, we have noticed patients using it more generously and regularly.  And that is our scheme and a great regime for healthy skin, especially as spring ripens into summer.

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Discover a New Level of Sunscreen Protection and Sunny Bronzing Perfection.

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