• Pink Ribbons symbolize breast cancer awareness.

Breast Cancer Awareness: Turning Sarasota Pink

Breast Cancer Awareness month has arrived with October.  Because we all have known friends and family who have been afflicted with this disease, we are departing from our usual media and technology stories. We are [...]

  • Learning the truth about cancer and breast implants.

Truth, Textured Breast Implants and Cancer

Truth about textured breast implants and a rare form of cancer might have been lost in the flurry of the recent news media coverage. This Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa Special Edition Blog hopes to [...]

  • Trust Your Plastic Surgeons

Plastic Surgeons: Limit Opioids

Plastic Surgeons:  The call is for less opioids in the surgical arena.  Furthermore, they are very aware of the opioid problem in America today.  They know that the “surgical setting exposes more than 40 million [...]

  • Sarasota Style is Just Right for July 4th

Sarasota Style, July 4: Healthy and Beautiful

Sarasota Style at Altiora combines health, safety, and love of freedom.  Of course, we would be remiss if we neglected to express our wishes for your fabulous Happy July 4!  As our yearly custom, Dr. [...]