ThermiTight helps slow downlook of aging.

Stop the Clock with ThermiTight!

In our previous blog, we introduced the energy of Rf for tightening and smoothing sagging skin.  When it comes to using the power and beauty of heat, there’s nothing better than Rf therapy, and you can have it now through Orlando Cosmetic Surgery or Altiora Cosmetic Surgery.

ThermiTight:   Orlando and Sarasota Get the Sag out of Spring Skin!

Happy Spring!  Spring is heating up in Florida, and we know you are shopping for the latest looks in 2017 Spring and Summer style.  However, if you really want to look your best for this beautiful season in Orlando and Sarasota, why not start with your skin?

For Orlando and Sarasota, we are excited to offer you a great opportunity to lift your sagging skin—and your winter spirits.  We offer you a great start on a beautiful New You for spring:  ThermiTight technology!

 ThermiTight:  Anti-Sag Treatment For Your Loveliest Face

We’re sure we made up the word “anti-sag,” but it perfectly describes what ThermiTight can do for you.  Thermi therapies will revitalize your slightly sagging skin with ThermiTight.

beautiful woman with purple flowers

Happy Spring:  Feel Like a flower among the flowers with new Rf technology, ThermiTight.

Are you looking for a little lift to the sags and lines of  your face?  ThermiTight penetrates below the surface of your outer skin and uses Radio-frequency electronic heat to melt away stubborn sags, and lines.  It will restore some of the tightness and firmness of your younger skin.  It won’t hurt and there is no down time for recovery.

ThermiTight Uses Your Own Body’s Collagen to Re-invigorate your skin.

ThermiTight is a very natural quality about the collagen stimulation of our Thermi therapies.  See “ThermiTight, ThermiRase, and Thermismooth in our previous blog.  There is a very natural quality to the way the Thermi therapies stimulate the collagen to rally and remodel the skin.

Why are Thermi Therapies Different from other Rf Therapies?

You might be aware that there is more than one type of Rf technology on the market.  One of the reasons Dr. Orlando Cicilioni chose the ThermiTight system is because of its dual Thermal Image Guidance system.

With the ThermiTight equipment, we are:

…capable of controlling the the temperature of the heat,

…able to deliver the Rf heat to the perfect depth,

Aging. Mature woman-young woman.Face with skin problem

Peek-a-Boo! ThermiTight reveals the real you.

…see the exact area in which to concentrate the Rf energy to maximize results,

….protect the outer layers of the skin.

…to use the tiniest probe to administer the heat, thereby making the treatment non-invasive.

…Gauge the temperature of the outer layers of the skin as well as the inner.

Thus we can display the temperature of the internal at the same time that we can regulate the external temperature of the skin.

Read more information about ThermiTight by visiting the Beauty Blackbook online resource.

After her first treatment, one patient, Kara, recently said, “Suddenly, it’s like my skin is growing younger instead of older!”  She felt better and looked younger than she had all winter.  And she was correct.

She was noticing the improvement in her skin’s subtle tightness over weeks and months.  She might not have understood the science behind it, but she was reacting to the growth of the newly stimulated collagen beneath her skin.

Thermi:  Unique Cases and Expectations

ThermiTight is perfect for you if you are nervous about surgery or you have no time in your schedule for recovery.  Likewise, it is a wonderful choice if you are anxious about using toxins such as Botox.


ThermiTight-A Gentle Approach to Anti-aging

Beautiful portrait of a woman stroking her skin in disbelief after ThermiTight.


Likewise, it is a wonderful choice if you are anxious about using toxins such as Botox.  Experts say that if the effects of sagging and age are light to moderate, chances are good that you will greatly enjoy the effects of ThermiTight treatments.  Keep this in mind when you set goals and build up your expectations.

However, as with any procedure or treatment, keep in mind that results differ on every patient.  Our best advise is for you to consult with a board certified cosmetic surgeon.  He or she will examine the laxity and teture of your skin and discover your options.

Thank you for reading this week’s “Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Blog.”  Please join us next week to discover more about thermiRase and ThermiSmooth.  We hope you are having a wonderful spring.

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