A Beautiful Season: 3 Glam Wishes For You

2016-11-11T23:41:37-05:00November 11th, 2016|

Before we trim the tree and deck the halls, Orlando Cosmetic Surgery hopes you will give a little advance time to yourself. With a little preparation and an attentive beauty regime now, you can can soon slip into a renewed look as easily as slipping on that holiday outfit. So, this week we present, "Our [...]

Kybella: Safely Sculpting Chins!

2016-10-31T23:43:59-04:00October 31st, 2016|

  Non-Surgical Kybella Banishes Your Double Chin! At Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, we have been blogging recently about the amazing results of the injectable treatment Kybella.  Kybella is the popular new fat-cell killing prescription that destroys double chins. If you read or review our two most recent blogs, you will remember Jeanette, our fictitious example [...]

Kybella Beauty: Taking It On The Chin

2016-10-11T23:03:11-04:00October 11th, 2016|

Are You Hiding Your Chin? If you diet and exercise, but you cannot seem to re-shape a puffy area under your chin, Kybella injections might help.  At Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, we administer Kybella, an “injectable treatment for adults with submental fullness…”  Kybella injections actually destroy the fat cells under your chin without surgery. [...]

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