Before we trim the tree and deck the halls, Orlando Cosmetic Surgery hopes you will give a little advance time to yourself.

With a little preparation and an attentive beauty regime now, you can can soon slip into a renewed look as easily as slipping on that holiday outfit.

So, this week we present, “Our Short Wish List” of Holiday minimumly invasive procedures, designed to make you look and and feel beautiful, inside and outside.

Take A Little Time For Yourself:  Our Short List Of 3 Beauty and Glamour Wishes For You

Right now, as we approach the season of Thanksgiving, you know the parties, the family gatherings, the shopping and the cooking will consume your holiday attention soon.

Latisse brings you eyelashes

Beauty is often in the details. Give your holiday beauty a boost with Latisse now.

However, right now, in the bloom of autumn, is the best time to award yourself with a little extra glamour treatment.

We have the injectibles and non-surgical helpers that will boost your confidence as you approach the myriad family and glamourous party events to come.

If you start now, you could feel as dazzling as the holiday lights, even if the busy holidays typically frazzle you a little bit.

First:  The Eyes Have It!

One of the little things that might energize the beauty within you is Latisse.

Eyelashes that sweep and flutter against a woman’s cheek have long remained as a standard of beauty.  Unfortunately time, age and wear and tear can be hard on your lashline, depleting length and richness.

Orlando Cosmetic Surgery invites you to restore and reinvigorate this small but elegant detail of your glamorous side with Latisse.

Latisse is applied daily along your lashline with care and regularity.  “With regular applications along the lash line of the upper eyelid, Latisse gradually encourages growth of longer, thicker and darker eyelashes.”  The manufacturer cautions that it isn’t designed to be applied to the lower eyelid.

Check out more information, including potential side-effects at one of our previous blogs.

Commit to Kybella For A New Contour

Kybella destroys submental fat forever .

A Kybella Holiday now means no double chin in the future.

During the previous month, we have been informing you about another treatment that has brought women confidence as well as glamour.  If you have a puffy pouch of fat under and behind your chin, a little second chin, Kybella has been created just for you.  Kybella is authorized for use only on little compartment of fat that makes you look older or fatter than you are.

If you have such a condition, you might be ready to commit to a few sessions of treatment with Kybella.  The new look will bring an oval quality to your face and a new contour to your chin area.

Gradual but less subtle than your new Latisse-inspired eyelashes, Kybella can change the shape of your New Year, with a New Look and a delicious new self-confidence.  Check out Kybella at our recent and timely articles.

Luscious Lips

Lip enhancement brings you full, voluptiuous lips.

Holiday Beauty Glamour: Full and Luscious Lips.

Last but certainly not least in our short list of three wishes for revving up your holiday spirit is the vitality of lovely lips.

Youthful fullness can be restored, and a rich texture revitalized with injections of fillers.  Likewise, patients love the quick results when their lipline is re-contoured with injections of their own processed fat-cells.

Prepare to receive a little extra holiday kiss from admirers, husbands or grandchildren.  Soft inviting lips are attractive at any age.  Enjoy a newly tempting, ever stylish and amazing smile—your own, but a little better and perhaps a little younger looking.

A Special Alert!

Be sure you check medical facilities before you have a procedure.

About Beauty Wishes: These are medical procedures unsuited to your beauty salon.


Although we have posted this warning previously, we are aware that the coming holiday season will bring you tempting offers from illicit services.

All three of the procedures mentioned in in our Short List above for Holiday beauty and glamour, depend on exquisite administration and careful dosage.

They should only be prescribed and administered in a medical environment.  Like we have said before, these procedures simply do not belong in the back room of a beauty parlor.

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