Kybella kills fat cells in chin area.

Non-Surgical Kybella Banishes Your Double Chin!

At Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, we have been blogging recently about the amazing results of the injectable treatment Kybella.  Kybella is the popular new fat-cell killing prescription that destroys double chins.

If you read or review our two most recent blogs, you will remember Jeanette, our fictitious example patient.  As we promised, this blog, the third in our Kybella series, will contain more of “Jeanette’s” Kybella story.  As we  explain her experience, we will share some more fascinating facts about Kybella.

Kybella:  Meeting A Patient’s Expectations

For Jeanette, whose daily schedule is always packed with appointments and meetings, one of the most attractive attributes of the Kybella treatment was the quick recovery period.  Since this is an injectable treatment with no incisions, drains or drastic measures, most people recover with very little down time.

Because of her own research and her discussion during her consultation at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, Jeanette expected she would have some swelling after her treatment.  She scheduled her treatment during some vacation time so she would have a few days with no obligations if she did not feel up to socializing with people.  As we have stated previously, most patients experience swelling for 2-5 days from the injections, but they did not feel debilitating pain and discomfort.

Recovery and Re-shaping

Her experience was actually typical of the studies behind the new drug.  For two days, she felt like the swelling was very obvious.  By the third day, she felt her chin area had begun to look almost normal.  On the fourth day, she noticed the swelling was almost gone.  For some patients, this much progress requires more time, sometimes weeks.  Jeanette’s case is moderate, and she is not overweight.

Some patients wear a scarf for the first few days, but Jeanette felt like that would just draw attention to the small swelling that remained.  She did wear a scarf when she stopped by her office, three days after the treatment.  However, the scarf was so far from her style, she abandoned it at her lunch hour.

She was not surprised to see there was no bruising, because she knew she simply never bruised easily.  Other patients have experienced some bruising. She recalled that her friend who had recommended Kybella to her, had used concealer on her neck after her first Kybella session.

It is interesting to note that, for most patients, the swelling and the discomfort diminishes with each prescribed session.

Kybella Melts Submental Fat, Sculpts Your Chin!

A week after the injections, Jeanette could see an obvious improvement in her slight double chin, and the slenderizing effect was even more obvious by end of the third week.  Delighted, she immediately made sure she had secured her appointment for her prescribed second session of Kybella.

She remembered that Orlando Cosmetic Surgery had recommended 1-3 treatment sessions to give her the sleek profile she desired.  Within a month of the treatment session, she found herself highly anticipating the results of the next one.

Her only regret is that the cosmetic surgery industry did not offer Kybella years ago when she was in college and trying to diet away the genetic fat pocket that threatened to be a double chin.

Lessons from Jeanette’s Kybella

Let’s look at a few tips and reminders about this new wonder-working injectable.

1.       Remember you cannot do the treatments more often than every 4 weeks, and 2-6 treatments are typical.  Kybella is administered as an

Kybella can give you a new oval contour.

Kybella cured my genetic “extra” chin! (Submental fat)

individualized and patterned group of injections with a small needle, into the fat tissue in the area under and behind the chin.

2.       Realistic Assessment:  Is your Double Chin only a half a chin or is it more like a double-double chin?  The larger the area that needs to be treated, the more injections will be needed per session.  Patients may receive up to 50 injections in a single treatment, with up to six single treatments administered no less than one month apart.

3.       Custom Treatment:  As with any treatment, every Kybella case is individualized.  Just as the number of sessions varies from one individual to another, so also does the number of injections per session.  The amount of bruising, tenderness and discomfort are also variables in any injectable treatment.

With Kybella, more sessions with a smaller number of injections is a possibility for patients who are self-conscious of showing a slight swelling in the neck area.

4.       Only for Double Chins:  As of yet, Kybella has not been FDA-approved for use except in the little fatty area behind the chin.
We are aware there is research being done for the use of Kybella in other areas of the body, such as the inner thigh, but until-and if it is- approved for use in other places on the body, we will not offer it except for the double chin area.

5.       Precision Administration:  As with Botox and other injectable procedures, be sure you chose a qualified healthcare provider to administer your Kybella treatment.  Proper training for giving these injections is important.  You do not want someone with awkward abilities or untrained technique to inject Kybella into a salivary gland or into the marginal mandibular nerve.  The FDA specifies the importance of injection technique and needle placement in the anatomy of the chin-jaw area.

6.      Accept No Substitutes!  As with other injectable treatments of this type, there will counterfeit Kybella which will invade the market.  Be aware that authentic Kybella is distributed to authorized facilities with unique and proprietary identification.  The only way to be certain you are getting the genuine, proper treatment is to take it from a licensed and approved source such as Orlando Cosmetic Surgery.

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