Valentine Treats For Your Lips

2015-01-29T11:21:44-05:00January 29th, 2015|

  Valentine's Day celebrates beautiful, soft, voluptuous lips. You only have a brief time to get your lips into condition for Valentine kisses, and Orlando Cosmetic Surgery will help you get ready! Whether you have a pretty sculpted pout, a Cupid's bow or rosebud lips, we are here to help you attain your softest, smoothest, shapeliest, and [...]

Summer of Love Celebration: Purchase Botox®, Save $50.00 on Juvederm® Treatment

2012-06-24T16:56:14-04:00June 24th, 2012|

This July when you purchase 20 Units of Botox®, Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, LLC., will give you $50.00 off your Juvederm®. It's a star-spangled savings on this combo of our most popular, precision treatments against lines and wrinkles. We know your friends will notice your rejuvenated  and refreshed New Look, but they'll never guess what you did.  Blame [...]

Orlando Cosmetic Surgery: “Liquid” Facelifts and Filler Facts

2012-06-10T04:39:37-04:00June 10th, 2012|

The use of dermal fillers has been given the beautiful term, "liquid facelift." Naturally, this is because dermal fillers offer, to a certain degree, some of the benefits of a surgical facelift. Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, however, wants you to know that a "liquid facelift" will make only slight improvements.Treatment with Dermal fillers is not, in [...]

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