This July when you purchase 20 Units of Botox®, Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, LLC., will give you $50.00 off your Juvederm®. It’s a star-spangled savings on this combo of our most popular, precision treatments against lines and wrinkles. We know your friends will notice your rejuvenated  and refreshed New Look, but they’ll never guess what you did.  Blame it on the invigorating Florida sunshine and sea breezes. We can keep your secret.

A Special Announcement: Our “Summer of Love” also celebrates the Clarisonic. This revolutionary, take-home beauty tool brightens your skin, destroys blemishes and diminishes fine lines. Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, LLC. , has all the trendy new colors that will make your Clarisonic a chic fashion accessory for your shower-shelf or dressing table.

2012 is your “Summer of Love” because Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, LLC. brings you loving skin-care with twenty-first century technology and style.  Click to read more about this take-home skin care invention.

The Secret of Botox®: Did you know you have 43 facial muscles? Today’s precision Botox® treatment targets and weakens only the wrinkle-producing muscles, bringing youthful vitality to your expression.

When this is done by the highly trained professionals at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, LLC., you will lose your lines, but not your smile.  Find out more about Botox® by clicking at this source.

The Secret of Juvederm®: This fine gel filler will smooth away wrinkles that can make your face appear fatigued or angry.  You can discover more about  Juvederm®  by clicking here.

The Power of the Combination:  Used together, these two products compliment each other to rejuvenate your appearance remarkably. Think of a wrinkle as a dark line folded on a piece of silk, representing your skin. Botox® relaxes the fold and the  Juvederm® fills the dark line with light. The line is softened, the fold is nearly erased.

We invite you to check out a step-by-step outline of the dermal filler procedure by clicking here.

A Special Wish For Our Clients and Friends:  We encourage you to have a wonderful July Fourth Holiday. Keep your skin safe!  Apply your sunscreen. Enjoy sun and water. Repeat sunscreen!  Stay hydrated during your holiday activities.   Happy Fourth of July!

Learn to love your skin. 2012 brings you the “Summer of Love” for your look. As always, Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, LLC. appreciates your reading our blog. Please help us spread the word about skincare and cosmetic surgery options by sharing us on Facebook or give us a Pin on Pinterest.


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