The use of dermal fillers has been given the beautiful term, “liquid facelift.” Naturally, this is because dermal fillers offer, to a certain degree, some of the benefits of a surgical facelift. Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, however, wants you to know that a “liquid facelift” will make only slight improvements.Treatment with Dermal fillers is not, in any way, to be considered a replacement for a surgical facelift.

Of course we know that you probably already understand that derma fillers do not require the down time or incisions of a facelift, but what else should you know? In today’s blog, Dr. Orlando Cicilioni of Orlando Cosmetic Surgery presents a Plain-Talk Primer of Filler Facts:

Chapter One–What our dermal fillers do for you!

1. We use them to restore a youthful fullness to your face.
2. With these “liquid facelift” dermal fillers, we can plump your luscious lips.
3. We can enhance shallow contours.
4. Our dermal fillers will soften creases and wrinkles.
5. They provide immediate results.
6. The “liquid facelift” costs less than surgical procedures.

Chapter Two–What our dermal fillers will NOT do:

1. They can not remove excess sagging skin. As we have stated, the injection of dermal fillers will not give you the same results as surgery. At Orlando Cosmetic Surgery every case is different, and we have seen results ranging from slight to dramatic. Results depend on many different factors.
2. These treatments aren’t permanent. These procedures require repetition and maintenance. Read more about fillers by clicking this source.
3. They will not address problems associated with your neck.

Chapter Three–A Special Note

1. Sometimes it is best to utilize dermal fillers in association with other skin rejuvenation treatments like botulinum toxin injections.
2. Once Dr. Cicilione has assessed your needs, he will recommend one or a combination of treatments, fillers and/or surgeries to define your new but natural look.

Chapter Four–There are two categories of fillers, Temporary and Semi-permanent. For a detailed list, including brand names, please check out our Blog Page, ” A Menu of Dermal Fillers,” by clicking here.

Before choosing or using any of these fillers, Dr. Orlando Cicilioni will study your individualized facial characteristics. We will give you more details about such a consultation in our next blog,“Chapters” Five and Six of your “Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Plain-Talk Primer of Filler Facts,” For more information on Liquid Facelifts, click here.

CAUTION: Whether you are reading this information here at our home in Orlando, Florida,  in your own “Hometown,” U.S.A., or abroad, we warn our blog readers that injections of dermal fillers can be dangerous if they are done by an unqualified, untrained or unethical person. As always, we thank you for reading our blog. Please feel free to share this knowledge on Facebook by clicking our social network button.



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