Jen has made her decision; she had longed to enlarge her breasts for years.  She is tired of feeling like she is out of proportion or immature.  Likewise, she is annoyed by the time-consuming difficulty of shopping for clothes that fit properly.  She wanted to look like an adult in the board room where her company had their meetings.

Moment of Truth: Choosing your implant

A Difficult Choice

Jen also wants to  be able to find clothing that will shape her in a feminine and flattering way.  Other than her size 34 A breasts,  she is well adjusted and really happy with her athletic body.

Swimming and tennis are at the top of her list of favorite pastimes.  She enjoys a very active lifestyle.  She already eats a healthy diet and she has never smoked.  What does this have to do with her upcoming surgery?

These three points make her an excellent candidate for her elected surgery.

She and Dr. Orlando Cicilioni have met and consulted about the breast augmentation surgical procedure.  She has learned about the anesthesia, the incisions and the type of implant she wants.  In fact, she looks forward to becoming a beautiful, natural shaped cup-size of 34 BB.

Ready, Set, Go: Preparation for Breast Augmentation

Jen’s surgery date has been scheduled and she highly anticipates her new, more buxom look. (See our previous article, “Perfect Feminine Curves,” if you would like the basic details.)

Here at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, we want to share a few more insights with Jen and patients like her.  To be specific, we have 5 Insights that she should ponder as her surgical date approaches.

Breast Augmentation:  A Little Mental Preparation

1. According to the Mayo Clinic, “Breast implants won’t prevent your breasts from sagging.”  Recently, at 32 years old, Jen was sensing the changes in her body.   In spite of her toning exercises, a little bit of drooping or sag was beginning.

Even though her breasts were small, the natural course of aging and the effects of gravity are evident.  To address this concern, her surgeon will also perform a breast lift in combination with her breast augmentation.  As the Mayo Clinic states, “To correct sagging breasts, you might need a breast lift in addition to breast augmentation.”  This is true of many patients and the two surgical procedures combine beautifully in many cases.

2. Did you know that breast implants are not really considered as “lifetime?”  They simply are not guaranteed to last a lifetime.  We like to make certain the patient understands that over the years, complications can arise.   There is the possibility that rupture or leakage might occur and it would require surgical repair.

The Surgeon's Art Brings You A New Look

Beauty and the Breast in Florida: Orlando Cosmetic Surgery,LLC

Some surgeons say they should be replaced every 10-15 years;  Others believe they should be left alone if there is no evidence of leakage.

We also want our patients to know that breasts will continue the normal course of aging after your augmentation.

3. Jen has found herself single again after divorce, but she can see how she soon might settle down to have a family with a new significant other.   She was happy to know that “Breast augmentation surgery does not prevent your physical ability to lactate…”  Nerves and ducts can actually repair themselves over time.

What she will have to watch is that she might have a lower than average milk supply.  We have met many women who thought they would never be able to breast-feed after having their breast augmentation surgery.

They were happy to discover  “advances in surgery techniques, along with new studies on the ability of the human breast to adapt to surgery, show that it is entirely possible to breast-feed after breast augmentation…”

We often advise our breast augmentation patients to wait for a little while after such surgery, before becoming pregnant and breast-feeding.  We want your body to have the chance to heal the nerves and ducts.

4. News about your mammograms: Once Jen has her breast implants, her mammography technician will require a few additional, specialized views of the shape, form and tissue of her breast.  Thus, her mammography appointment might take her a little longer.

5. Welcome to a your routine MRI scans.  By the way, “the Food and Drug Administration recommends monitoring silicone breast implants with routine MRI scans every two years, starting three years after the initial implant surgery.”

Thank you for reading the Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Blog, and we hope you visit us for our next blog featuring myths versus truths about breast augmentation.

Special Note: As we have noted previously, the “patients” in our stories are absolutely fictitious.  They are created to add interest and personality to the factual details of the blog article.  There is no individual “Jen,” as portrayed in this story, but her story is typical and symbolic of many breast augmentation patients.


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