Orlando Cosmetic Surgery helps you decide about breast augmentation. You have decided that breast augmentation at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery is a beautiful option for you.  You have visited with Dr. Orlando Cicilioni and discussed incisions and anesthesia.

Now it’s time to discuss and consider your implants.   Just as many situations require you to think outside the box, choosing a breast implant for your new feminine shape requires thinking outside the cup size!  Women are trained to think only about bra cup size.  However,as you will see in this article, there are many more traits of consideration to breast anatomy.

For a long time the choices about implants were limited.   However, at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, we are pleased to bring our clients the finest premium breast implant by Allergan company.   Our patients are delighted with the Natrelle 410.  In the old days, breast implants brought an unnatural, round shape, much like a two halves of a grape fruit. These round silicone implants could slip into unappealing shapes as a woman shifted her body position.

Today, the Natrelle 410 from Allergan Company presents a pleasing tear-drop shape, imitating the aesthetic form of the feminine breast, regardless of the position of a woman’s body.

Beyond the Cup: Engineering the Anatomy of the Implant

As we said, there is much more to today’s implants than a simple cup size.  The outer shell of the Natrelle 410 is “stable” so it maintains your anatomic shape.  Much to the delight of active women every where, there is no more “slosh” effect, as described above!

The shell of the implant that contains highly cohesive silicone.  When it is inserted with aesthetic and scientific experience, it will not ripple up or flop over.

We also want you to know that the shell of the Natrelle 410 has a special feature built within it to reduce microscopic gel diffusion.

This feature prevents microscopic leakage, which could cause inflammation or scar tissue.

As we continue to describe the female breast beyond the cup, note the swell at the top of your bust.  Undoubtedly you want your breast to create or maintain a beautiful feminine swell at the top of your bustline.  This concept goes far beyond the normal sizing of bras.

You might consider adding a breast lift to your surgical options if you have extensive drooping of the bustline.  Read more about that procedure at this authoritative online resource.

The Natrelle 410 comes in a variety of beautiful shapes so that you can affect the rise, swell and cleavage of your bosom.

1. The Fulsome Bust-line: Your breast has height or thickness, and you can choose your shaping from low, moderate or full for your implant thickness.

2. The Projection: Likewise, you have an option about the lift of your breast.  This is called projection.  Perhaps you want low and demure, moderate, full or the voluptuous extra full in your figure.

3. The Volume: Many different volumes are available with the Natrelle 410. As you know, age or child-bearing can deplete the volume in women’s breasts, and you can make choices here also.  Keep in mind

Orlando Cosmetic Surgery presents new confidence in ladies with breast augmentation

that what looks natural and beautiful for you might not be the same as your friend’s projection and volume.

Dr. Cicilioni and the staff will help you as you compare your standard of beauty with your body size and skin texture.  For many of our patients at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, choosing the perfect implant is the most enjoyable part of shopping for their breast augmentation.

4. The Feel: Some patients are surprised to discover that the Natrelle 410 is also offered in different densities.   The Allergan company knows women have different preferences in the way they want their breasts to feel to the touch after augmentation surgery.

As with all your implant decisions, Orlando Cosmetic surgery wants you to know this preference is strictly a matter of your personal choice.   In next week’s “Part IV” of our Shopper’s Guide To Breast Augmentation, we will bring you a special look into the “feel” of augmented breasts.  You will learn the types of softness and firmness available in today’s breast implants.

As we have stated previously, the beautiful confidence exuded by our breast augmentation patients is the combined result of three major steps:

  • Step One: Forming  Realistic personal goals,
  • Step Two: Discussing, understanding and successful pre-planning of your surgical journey,
  • Step Three: Contracting and trusting the experienced, artistic surgical technique of Dr. Orlando Cicilioni.



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