Orlando Cosmetic Surgery can enhance your breast by shape and size! Once you have made the personal decision to have breast augmentation, you will discover that you will also have the opportunity to make many personal choices concerning your curvy new look.

As we move into spring, we see clothes become increasingly “body con,” or body conscious, and we are delighted with the appearance and self-confidence exuded by our happy breast augmentation patients as they flaunt the new styles. We know they are anticipating warmer weather on the way in our gorgeous Orlando, FL climate.

Shopping for your new breast implant might be a little more complex than choosing those special spring shoes, but at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, we make it easy by offering you the 21st century premium breast implant, the Natrelle 410. Dr. Cicilioni and our well-trained team will help you understand your delicate options about your breast size and shape, and feel.

Welcome, Tear-drops!

The Natrelle 410 has been sculpted by the famed Allergan company into a natural and an aesthetically appealing tear-drop form.

We are certain you are aware of the old round styles of silicone implants. Depending on a woman’s position, they could spill into unattractive shapes.

You will notice the outer shell is “stable” because it will hold its lovely anatomic shape. Allergan has engineered the implant to be immune to the deforming slosh effect, regardless of your body position.

In plain language, the shell that holds the highly cohesive silicone will not ripple and fold over. Your upper breast will maintain a beautiful feminine swell.

We also want you to know that this shell has a special layer built within it to reduce microscopic gel diffusion through the shell. This is a very good feature of the Natrelle 410 because microscopic leakage can cause inflammation and scar tissue to form around the implant.

Choose Your Unique Look

Did you know the Natrelle 410 comes in a variety of beautiful shapes?

1. The Fulsome Bust-line:    Choose from low, moderate or full for your implant height, or thickness.

2. The Projection:   Again, you will decide about the lift of your breasts. You choose the projection. Do you want low, moderate, full or extra full

3. The Volume:   Many different volumes are available with the Natrelle 410. Many women lose self-confidence as age or child-bearing depletes the volume in their breast.

Now, your breasts will be customized with your style and choice of augmentation.

4. The Feel:   The tear-drop shaped 410 is also offered in different densities. Women vary in the way they want breast tissue to feel after augmentation surgery. It’s important for you to know this decision is a matter of personal choice, not finding a generally “correct” answer.

TruForm One: “Soft” (also called “Responsive Gel”) This is the name given to the most delicate density, the softest of the cohesive gel formulas.Portrait of smiling young woman, considering breast enhancement at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery

TruForm Two: “Slightly Firm”. (also named “Soft Touch Gel”) When touched, this is a slightly firmer cohesive gel which gives shape control sensation, and a natural movement.

TruForm Three: “Firm” (also named “Cohesive Gel”) This version of the gel formula is strongly shaped, firmer, and very controlled.

At Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, we have noted the uniquely intimate choices offered by Allergen’s Natrelle 410 breast implants bring our patients great joy. They make it possible to select some of your most feminine aspects of personal beauty and confidence.

As you might have guessed, the choices can be combined in hundreds of ways, depending upon a woman’s preferences and goals. Rest assured, Dr. Orlando Cicilioni will give you private and artistic guidance during your consultation.

Also during your consultation, he will help you understand your type of skin and tissue, the anesthesia generally utilized, as well as the locations of the incisions and how the implants will be successfully positioned.

At Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, we take pride in seeing patients who reflect a special self-confidence which is generated by the beauty of breast augmentation. This confidence is the result of successful pre-planning, realistic personal goals,  and natural, artistic surgery with Dr. Orlando Cicilioni.



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