With the end of October, it is true that National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is now officially over, but at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, our dedication to breast cancer issues is year-round. We are committed to “improving access and outcomes for women undergoing breast reconstruction following mastectomy.”

Options For Breast Reconstruction Surgery

We are very fond of factual statistics, and we have some mastectomy statistics that might surprise you, from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)

The number of U.S. women who had breast reconstruction in 2012 equaled 91,655 in 2012.  This represents a substantial increase of 16% since 2000.

64,114 women among them chose silicone gel implants, and 7,898 took the option for saline implants.

7,437 women selected reconstruction with an implant alone, whereas 64,575 had a tissue expander plus an implant.

19,643 chose autologous flap surgery.

These three groups represent three basic types of reconstruction that are available choices for you after your mastectomy. Each choice has multiple details which you and your surgeon will discuss before you are make your decision.

Each Breast Reconstruction Is Different And Unique

Here in Florida, our doctors and staff are aware of several variables to consider when a woman is creating a plan for breast reconstruction. Your doctor will discuss your reconstruction options while considering a number of key factors:

Factor I: Variables About Your Physical Condition:

  • Your age,
  • Your body type,
  • Your surgical history,

Factor II: Variables About Your Cancer:

  • The stage of your cancer,
  • The size of your tumor,
  • The stage of your cancer,
  • Your previous treatment with radiation, which we mentioned in our most recent blog.

Factor III: Your Personal Aesthetic

  • Your self image and psychological preferences,
  • Your expectations for personal appearance.

Based on your case, these are three major terms you might want to discuss with the cosmetic surgeon who will do your breast reconstruction:

I.  Nipple Sparing mastectomy:

The nipple sparing technique allows your surgeon to do cancer surgery and leave the nipple areolar complex in place. In the case of immediate reconstruction, some of today’s patients are able to leave the operating room with very much the same look they had before their surgery. As more women take genetic testing, and opt for prophylactic mastectomy, this technique allows them to make peace with a difficult and often life-saving decision.  Read more about this technique at one of our previous blogs.

II. Shaped Implants

Since your doctor will remove your breast tissue during your mastectomy, the shape of the breast depends on the shape of the implant. The new, more natural shaped breasts have recently been approved for use in America, and you and your doctor can discuss your many personal choices for shape and size.  We invite you to look here for some very recent information from our website.

III. Fat Grafting

Fat grafting during your reconstructive surgery allows your surgeon to sculpt and reshape your breast. It is very common to utilize this today. “Fat grafting to the breast is an amazingly effective and safe procedure that has transformed the results that we are able to deliver.” Many surgeons always use fat grafting to soften the line and shape of the breast.

Scientists and surgeons are constantly creating many new techniques, and some of them are very futuristic. Robotics, internal mesh supports,  and scar reduction therapies, are just a few of the new developments that are being constantly refined.
Our own Dr. Orlando Cicilioni has said, “I consider all of my patients and their needs individually, and I help guide them as to which procedures and types of implants will work best to help them achieve their desired resluts. I am very conscientious and take great pride in my work, to provide you with the best level of medical care.”

Welcome to the Fall season, and thank you for reading our blog. You can depend on  this blog continue bringing you the latest breaking news on developments in breast reconstruction.We hope this information and the details packed in our web site will assist you in your quest for knowledge about the art and science of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.


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