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Botox: Back In The News!

2015-11-07T22:39:42-04:00November 7th, 2015|

Any time a type of cosmetic surgery procedure is in the news, Orlando Cosmetic Surgery feels obligated to let you know about it.  Likewise, over the years, we have informed you about numerous break-throughs in the amazing medical uses of the wonderful "cosmetic" drug known as Botox. A Quick Review As you know, Botox is the [...]


2015-10-30T21:09:15-04:00October 30th, 2015|

At this time of year Orlando Cosmetic Surgery has a saying Gratitude is Our Attitude Year Round. We are officially in the Holiday Season for 2015. Before planning your sparkling Holiday outfits, before indulging in special perfume or splurging on that glittering statement jewelry, Orlando Cosmetic Surgery implores you to think of the health of [...]

Breast Reconstruction: A Pink Ribbon Issue

2015-10-20T19:43:36-04:00October 20th, 2015|

When something is marked with a blue ribbon, it is often a prize. It often means it is number one, or it is of prime importance. However, Orlando Cosmetic Surgery believes the most important ribbons of October are not prize ribbons, and they are not blue or red. They are the pink ribbons of Breast [...]

A Pink Salute and Special Pampering!

2015-10-09T21:32:24-04:00October 9th, 2015|

Orlando Cosmetic Surgery pauses the pursuit of their typical blogging topics and takes this time to honor the Pink Cause of October. Most of us recognize the pink ribbons in honor of this month's Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, but this blog is a salute to all the feelings behind the facts regarding breast cancer. When [...]


2015-10-02T23:07:38-04:00October 2nd, 2015|

There it was--right smack on national television:   broad-shouldered, masculine, professional football players wearing brilliant pink athletic shoes and pink matching sweat bands on their wrists. As the game heated up, trainers with bright pink garters on their arms broke out hand towels for the players, emblazoned with the same brilliant pink shade. There probably wasn't [...]

Ariel Winter’s Cosmetic Surgery Is No Secret!

2015-09-23T23:13:59-04:00September 23rd, 2015|

At Orlando Cosmetic Surgery we would feel remiss if we did not mention cosmetic surgery stories that make headlines.  Often the headlines spin questions about procedures endorsed by celebrities.  Hitting the top of hot topics for Hollywood news this month was Ariel Winter's recent post-surgical appearance on the Red Carpet at the Emmy Awards Ceremony. [...]

Fall 2015: Time To Lift Your Look?

2015-09-14T23:58:45-04:00September 14th, 2015|

Although most people regard January as the month for forming new resolutions and re-invigorating life goals, at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery we think September and the arrival of the fall season is a good time to re-think your health and beauty regime in view of Your Look and your lifetime goals. So, if you are looking [...]

The Truth About Your Skin Peel (Part 2)

2015-08-31T23:16:38-04:00August 31st, 2015|

Last week the Med-Spa of Orlando Cosmetic Surgery brought you Part I of this fall's blog series on chemical peels. In that blog, we brought you information about how ways you can improve the youthful appearance and radiance of your skin with chemical peels. Our September Surprise We also promised you a little surprise during [...]

6 Reasons You Might Need A Skin Peel

2015-08-24T07:34:44-04:00August 24th, 2015|

At Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, we are all wondering how it can almost be September. Where has summer of 2015 gone? With the passing of another season, we always want to review the condition of our skin.  So, welcome to Part I of our special series of blogs on Chemical Peels! Our registered aesthetician, Lea, can [...]

Time to Refresh Your Summer Skin

2015-08-12T22:59:49-04:00August 12th, 2015|

We interrupt the conclusion of our four-part Shopper's Guide To Breast Augmentation to bring you a red alert about your summer skin-care. The idea of an endless summer has been an attractive fantasy for generations, but the truth is, endless summer sun, wind and water would be very hard on your skin. Likewise, it's easy [...]