Breast beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder.  In our previous blog, we discussed how breast beauty involves unique and intimate choices in health and lifestyle as well as appearance.  Although this blog has its own title, it is truly Part II of our special series on breast augmentation.  In Sarasota, Altiora Plastic Surgery offers you healthy, scientific and artistic options in sculpting your new breast beauty.

Breast Beauty Beyond the Teardrops

Breast Beauty May Involve Enhancement and a Breast Lift.

Are You Contemplating a New Breast Line?

One of the jobs of this blog is to bring you national and international information on some of the newest thoughts and techniques in the business.  In Sarasota, at Altiora, you and Dr. Orlando Cicilioni will discuss options selected specifically for your case, your lifestyle, your skin texture, and your body frame.  So some of the noted techniques in this blog might only be news interest rather your personal options.

However, we just knew you want to feel informed about the latest news in the fields of research for breast beauty.

Bouncing Bubbles of Yesteryear and Making Choices

The sleek new teardrop shapes of today’s implants put the hard round globes of early implants to shame.  Now your surgeon can select from boundless sizes and width.  Melissa Doft, a plastic surgeon in New York City, puts it this way, “We can better choose ones to uniquely fit each body.”  You might wonder, just how to do that.

1.  Surgeons often start by picking an implant that’s the same width as your natural breast.

2.  Next comes the breast beauty quality of the projection.  Jeffrey M. Kenkel, a plastic surgeon in Dallas, states the next step.  “From there, we can decide exactly how much we want the implant to project off the chest and vary the shape to flatter your frame.”

New Technology and Breast Beauty Options

One important recent discovery is that breast implants do not have to be as heavy as they used to be.

  • Active Sarasota women might follow stories about some lighter weight breast implants.  For example, there is one named “The B-Lite” that weighs 30 percent less than the normal standard silicone implant.
  • Likewise, studies show it might cause less skin stretching over time.  However, we want you to be aware, it is still in clinical trials in the US.  However,  researchers expect the FDA could approve it later in the year.

The New Technology Behind Saline

Time to Enhance Your Breast Beauty?

Breast Beauty Has Been Esteemed Through Time.

Very popular in the ’90s, but shunned when silicone swamped the market, saline implants are coming back.

Research has devised ways to stop the slosh factor.  New style implants have internal dividers.  In the old days of saline hype, patients disliked the ripple that sometimes showed through the skin.  It was literally liquid sloshing.  Lisa Cassileth, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills explains, “That’s what caused the old saline implants to ripple, which in turn made your skin look rippled…”

Only a quarter of today’s implants are saline, but we are watching the technology grow.

The Internal “Bra” of the Breast-lift

When in search of breast beauty, sometimes a woman is not so much displeased with the size of her breast as will positioning and support.  Experts have seen the popularity of breast-lifts soar 99 percent since introducing them in the year 2000.

  • The Breast Lift Benefit:  Your surgeon can remove excess skin to tighten up your breast beauty.  The breasts sit higher and firmer.
  • A Little Bit of a Let-Down:  Within a little while, gravity tugs at some of the delicately lifted breast beauty.  “You’d lose some of the results to gravity within weeks of getting off the table,” says Bruce Van Natta, a plastic surgeon in Indianapolis.

More Techniques for Breast Beauty

New Technology Provides Even More Options in Plastic Surgery.

Contemplating A New Bust Line? Check Your Options.

Now plastic surgeons are enhancing and refining techniques to make breast lifts appealing, both with and without implants.

As we have mentioned, autologous fat transfer can increase the size and beauty of the breast, as well as shape and repair it after cancer.

·     Another development is the use of bioreabsorbable scaffolds. These are an absorbable mesh. They are prettily-shaped, like a demi cup in a bra. They make your breast lift last longer.  Dr. Van Natta, who treated patients for the clinical trials, states “I have patients out almost six years who are maintaining their results.”

Like any new technology, they are not cheap.  He adds, “The scaffolds add about $1,500 to the cost of a breast lift and can be used on their own or with an implant.”

An Important Warning:  No Bust-line Lasts Forever

We know one very important detail that many breast beauty patients typically overlook or forget. Remember that your breast implants are not intended to last a lifetime.  According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, “They are not considered to be “lifetime devices,” but they are designed to be long-lasting and safe.”

In short, you can actually expect the implants to last “more than a decade, with the chance of rupture increasing about one percent each year.  That means after a decade, there is a 90 percent chance that the implant will still be fully intact.”

Thus, Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa alerts women with breast augmentation with implants maintain their annual checkups and perform self-checks.  Adam Kolker, a plastic surgeon in New York City states that after eight or 10 years, 20 percent of silicone implants have to be taken out, according to the FDA.

Caution:  Did You Know that You Can’t Tell if a Silicone Implant has Ruptured Just by Looking at it?

The Newest Techniques in Science and Art Combine to Create Breast Beauty

Breast Beauty 2019 Is A Matter Of Art, Science, Health, and Personal Style

This is why the FDA recommends getting an MRI three years after surgery and every two years after that. Be aware that, “Routine MRIs aren’t usually covered by insurance, though, so many patients postpone it until year seven or 10 instead.”

Such neglect is not a wise move.  You see, a silicone leak can lead to infection and inflammation.  Likewise, silicone can also accumulate in lymph nodes.

So we advise our Sarasota patients to do their homework.  We want you to research your options.  If breast augmentation is for you, don’t hesitate to schedule a visit with Dr. Orlando Cicilioni here at Altiora Plastic Surgery.

Then, go ahead, find the latest style swimsuit, sundress or shorts.  We know you are going to love your new look and thrive within the outdoor activities of the Sarasota lifestyle.

Just remember the responsibilities that come with your newly augmented breast beauty.

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