Appearance Conscious?   A definite yes!  Sarasota women like the active lifestyle:  tennis, swimming, nature walks, all types of sun and sea activities.  Sarasota is an optimistic city.  But, it’s also a way of life.   Although we embrace body positivity, we certainly want to look our best in our unforgiving wardrobe of climate-friendly, summer and athletic clothing.  This leads up to the fact that we agree with a recent statement from Allure Magazine:  “All the buzz about body positivity is certainly not putting a damper on demand for major body enhancements.”  And enhancements definitely include breast augmentation and abdominoplasty.

On Trend is Appearance Conscious Sarasota Women

Appearance Conscious Attitudes Mark Active Women

The Sarasota Lifestyle Requires Both Health and Appearance Conscious Attitudes.

The facts speak for themselves.  300,378 women got breast implants and or liposuction in 2017.  That’s a significant increase from 246,354 surgeries the previous year.

Dr. Steven Teitelbaum, an L.A. Plastic Surgeon puts it this way:  “We talk a lot about being health conscious, but the truth is we’re also increasingly appearance conscious.”  We must ask:  Why can we not be both health and appearance conscious?  And, as you shall see in this article, being appearance conscious is not a bad thing.  It helps us stay healthy and encourages Sarasota women to hold physical fitness in high regard.

Reasons For the Recent Rise in Breast Enhancement in Appearance Conscious Women

At Altiora Plastic Surgery we see three reasons for the rise in interest in better breast size and shape.

  1. Appearance Conscious Attitude is Not Taboo:

Plastic surgery has lost its old stigma.  People have become either pleasantly positive or matter-of-fact about plastic surgery.  “An entire generation that grew up hearing people talk openly about plastic surgery — rather than seeing it as taboo…”  The truth, as we see it at Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa, is that the Appearance Conscious attitude is actually married to the health conscious attitude.  We naturally want to look as good as we feel.  (And we have the science art and technology to do that!)

  1. More Demand Results in More Innovation

Plastic surgery procedures have improved immensely over the last few decades and exponentially in the last 5 years.  New technology, new medications, and new techniques have transformed this surgical specialty.  These techniques bring women options in their appearance conscious search for their individual “look.”  For more facts and figures supporting the new trends in body shaping, visit this dependable online resource. 

This is directly related to main point number 1 above: Altiora notes, along with Allure Magazine, that “the more interest there is in these procedures, the more incentive there is to perfect them.”

  1. Thriving On A Recovering Economy

We are experiencing a very strong economy right now, with options for paying for such surgical procedures.

Breast Augmentation and Shape for the New Appearance Conscious Woman

In the old days, people thought breast implants were simply to make your breasts bigger.  Today’s Appearance Conscious woman wants to control the shape, proportion, lift and texture of her breasts, not just the size.

Dr. Julius Few, a Chicago plastic surgeon stated, “My patients have been requesting Kate Hudson’s breasts quite a bit lately.  It was a surprise at first,” says Julius.  He said he “means no disrespect to Hudson — it’s just that the sudden infatuation with her not-triple-D chest represents a paradigm shift in the way we’re approaching augmentation.”

Google Kate Hudson at the Golden Globes, 2018 to see her athletic shape in an elegant low-cut evening gown.

The Appearance Conscious Trend:  Not Just an American Invention.

Appearance Conscious?

Get in Shape For Your Best Sarasota Spring

All over the world, women are responding to their active lifestyles with new standards for their figures.  Rosalyn d’Incelli, vice president of Sientra, a major international implant manufacturer sees the trend as worldwide.

She stated, “Instead of a traditional round shape, anatomical implants are slightly fuller at the bottom than at the top.”  She added that the “most popular sizes aren’t exactly conservative — in general, the best-selling implants are in the 300- to 450-cc range.”

That size would take your “look” which take up approximately two to three cup sizes.  However, the shaping changes the perception of the size.  With new surgical techniques as well as new forms of implants, the breasts look more symmetrical, artistically shaped and real, regardless of their size.

Shopping for Size and Shape at Sarasota’s Own Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa

When you come to Altiora Plastic Surgery for a breast augmentation consultation, we will amaze you with your appearance conscious choices.  We have beautiful options for your new spring body enhancing the silhouette.  You will enjoy discussing your options with Dr. Cicilioni, clearly covering your choices.  You are an individual, not just a trend.  Thus, our approach to your breast surgery is customized.  There are no general answers to breast questions about enhancement, enlargement, reduction or reconstruction at Altiora Plastic Surgery and Medspa.

Dr. Cicilioni states, “I give my patients a thorough explanation of what breast augmentation surgery involves and give them choices as to the type, shape, and size of the breast implants that would be best for them.”

Thus,  many Silicone-filled breast implants now give patients and surgeons unlimited choices about the size and shape of their new breasts.

A Tantalizing List of Appearance and Health Conscious Possibilities

Undoubtedly, discussing and examining these possibilities is the most exciting part of your surgical consultation.  Understand that the below choices are only part of your many decisions for discussion with Dr. Orlando Cicilioni and his staff. Please remember, you will also discuss important medical factors such as anesthesia, incisions and recovery time. However, our topic today is your implant appearance.  So let’s take a look at some prime considerations for the new spring look of your appearance conscious new implants.

  1. The Fulsome Bust-line: Did you know you will be able to select low, moderate or full for your implant height, or thickness?
  2. The Projection: We permit you to choose the projection, or lift of your breasts, in low, moderate, full or extra full.
  3. The Volume: Choose between many different volumes.  When you think of “volume,” think about “cup-size”.  Everything about you from your voice print to your fingerprints is individualized.  Now, we will customize your breast choices so that your uniqueness remains.  We will show you how to vary the shape of your breasts and still flatter the frame of your body as well as fit your Sarasota active lifestyle.

Appearance Conscious Choices Go Beyond Size and Shape:  Choosing the Feel of the Breast Implant

Today’s natural or anatomically shaped breast implants are available in (at least)  three different densities.  Density reflects how they feel to the touch.

A. TruForm One: “Soft” (also called “Responsive Gel”).  This is the most delicate density, the softest cohesive gel.

B. TruForm Two: “Slightly Firm” (also named “Soft Touch Gel”) This is a slightly firmer cohesive gel, with a little more control in its shape, and a more natural movement.

C. TruForm Three: “Firm” (also termed simply “Cohesive Gel”) This version is all about control.  The implants feel firmer and the shape is stronger.

Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa:  The Sarasota Place for You if You are Both Health Conscious and Appearance Conscious

Happiness and Confidence Spring Forth From Health and Appearance Conscious Women

Both Appearance Conscious and Health Conscious: Facing Spring With New Confidence

As a surgeon and an artist in symmetry, Dr. Orlando Cicilioni will help you select the right implants according to the width of your breasts and chest area.  Likewise, Dr. Cicilioni at Altiora Plastic Surgery will evaluate the type of skin and breast tissue you have.  And you will discuss the locations of the incisions as well as the position of the implants.

Importantly, he insists, “Each patient is different, and I help guide each individual patient personally though the decision process to help her decide which is right for her.  Good decisions now will help her achieve a long­-lasting and natural-appearing result.”

Terrific Take-Aways from Our Appearance Conscious Trend

Enhancement of your breasts involves uniquely intimate choices regarding one of the most feminine aspects of your personal beauty and confidence. 

  • The choices can be made in literally hundreds of ways,
  • but Dr. Orlando Cicilioni will give you individualized guidance during your consultation.

As always, we thank you for reading the Altiora Plastic Surgery blog.  We hope you are enjoying spring in Sarasota, and we wish you happy moments in our sunshine.   We hope you are enjoying spring in Sarasota.  And we wish you happy moments in our sunshine.

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