Last week, we announced the availability of KYBELLA, the beautiful, injectable cosmetic treatment for dissolving fat behind the chin. 

Kabella if for fat behind the chin.

Kabella can keep you from hiding your slight double chin in photos.

This week we will share a story with you to help illustrate this new treatment at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery.

Jeannette, at age 47, is in the best physical condition of her life.  She follows a healthy eating schedule which she refuses to call a diet.  Likewise, her 10 year dedication to an aerobic dance regime has toned and shaped her perfect sized 5-6 figure so well that her 27 year old daughter admits to a little good natured jealousy.

As the vice president of a marketing company, Jeanette  knows it is essential that she puts her best face forward.  Dr. Orlando Cicilioni has helped her in this regard since she turned 40, but she has never gotten a facelift surgery.

She laughs and says that, as a modern woman in business, a little maturity actually enhances her credibility as an executive.  She will also admit confidentially that she just doesn’t want to go under the knife, unless she absolutely must do so.

Orlando Cosmetic Clinic has helped her maintain her stylish mature look with our unobtrusive Liquid Facelift techniques.  We have administered regular injections of Botox and Juvederm.

KYBELLA® :  Wearing Your Best Face, Visually and Virtually!

However, recently her company has conducted a number of national conference calls, with small group discussions.  She has noticed a glaring feature that she finds distracting.

No matter what angle she uses onscreen, Jeanette cannot hide a slight swell of a small double chin.  Although she knows this pouch is part of natural aging, she is uncomfortable looking older and heavier than she deserves.

KYBELLA® and Submental Fat:  Effects of Weight Loss and Exercise

Even increasing her aerobic routine and losing that inevitable extra “pesky” ten pounds did not help the problem.  That puffy little double chin, known medically as “submental fat,” looked just as prominent as ever.

As you read this story, you might have guessed that she was thrilled to learn about Dr. Cicilioni’s new injectable treatment, Kybella.

At Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, we are very aware of our patient’s safety, and no treatment should just be ordered without cautious consultation.  Below we will take a look at the issues she and the doctor discussed before determining if KYBELLA® would be right for her.

We hope you will also be aware of each of these considerations before you assume that you should try Kybella.

The Orlando Cosmetic Surgery List:  KYBELLA® Questions

Orlando Cosmetic Surgery now presents Kybella.

After Kybella Treatment, Orlando Cosmetic Surgery allows you only one chin.

Naturally, our character in today’s story informed Dr. Cicilioni of her health history.  If you seek Kybella or any cosmetic procedure, be sure you tell Dr. Cicilioni about all your previous and present medical conditions.

  1. Have you had previous surgery on your face, neck, or chin?
  2. What other cosmetic treatments have you had on your face, neck, or chin?  Have had or do you have medical conditions in or near the neck area?
  3. Have you had any difficulty with swallowing?
  4. Do you have any bleeding problems?
  5. Could you be pregnant or are you planning a baby in the near future?  Research is ongoing on this issue because “it is not known if KYBELLA® will harm your unborn baby.”
  6. Are you breastfeeding or do you plan to breastfeed? (We also do not know if KYBELLA can affect your breast milk.) Talk to your healthcare provider about the best way to feed your baby if you receive KYBELLA. ®)
  7. Are you taking any medications, especially blood thinners?
  8. Are you currently taking any herbal supplements?  Be aware that some of them can cause such side effects as blood thinning.  You might need to discontinue them for a while.

After discussing these considerations, Dr. Cicilioni and Jeanette decided that KYBELLA® was right for her.  Join us at this blog on her KYBELLA® treatment journey next week, as we continue her story.

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