Many of the changes women endure as they age are obvious.  Vaginal Laxity is not.  At least, only the most intimate partner might know of this change.  Consequently, women have silently—and secretly–endured the changes made by laxity in the vaginal area.  Altiora Plastic Surgery and Med Spa is proud to announce that women no longer need to tolerate this condition.  Vaginal Laxity no longer should be the secret, sad price of motherhood, hormones, and the march of time.

Vaginal Laxity:  No More Silence

ThermiVa vaginal rejuvenation treatments can help reverse the changes caused in women’s genitalia.  We have blogged about this treatment previously.  For more background on ThermiVa, you will definitely want to read or review another one of our articles.

Vaginal Laxity Is Finally Being Discussed!

Open a Dialogue About Vaginal Laxity:  No More Fear and Silence. Learn About ThermiVa. 

Likewise, it’s true, you might have read about ThermiVa in several glossy women’s magazines.  However, in this article, we are focusing on vaginal laxity, because patients often misunderstand it.  Direct physical symptoms are sometimes not medically explained in simple language, especially in stylish magazines.

Secrecy, Symptoms and Signs of Vaginal Laxity

1.  Sensation:  One of the prime symptoms of Vaginal Laxity is also one of the prime reasons for silence concerning it.  The lack of sensation during intercourse is not a matter of everyday conversation.

2.  Satisfaction:  A woman with vaginal laxity also experiences decreased sexual satisfaction.  She might simply be too embarrassed to discuss it, even with her partner, much less a doctor.

3.  Body Image:  A woman might feel older, less confident of herself and even depressed as she silently suffers a decreased sexual desire.

4.  Mental Well-Being:  A woman with this condition will often feel her confidence sag as well as her sexual appetite.  She might even find herself avoiding her beloved husband.  “Vaginal laxity can lead to a negative impact on female sexual function, body image and quality of life.  The condition is poorly recognized and frequently under-reported.”

Causes of Vaginal Laxity

Have you had a pregnancy with a vaginal delivery?  This normal experience can “cause trauma and stretching.”  Later the result manifests itself as “loss of vaginal tightness.”  Ask yourself these questions:
A.  Did you give birth to more than one child?
B.  Did you have a large baby or a forceps delivery?
C.  Are you manifesting other signs of normal, simple, biological aging?  Yes, ordinary passage of time, each decade beyond maturity can affect each woman differently and in unique ways.

Helping Vaginal Laxity

Naturally, weight loss and good physical condition can help someone who is suffering from vaginal laxity.  However, even Kegel exercises only help to tighten the vaginal muscles.  They do not increase vaginal tightening.  Until recently, a patient’s only recourse was surgical vaginoplasty.

Renewal of relationship

ThermiVa Treats Vaginal Laxity, renews youthful sensuality.

However, many women might wish to forego the inherent risks of surgery, or family and career schedule forbid it.

Thus, ThermiVa becomes a comfortable, minimally invasive, option.  Plus, ThermiVa requires no downtime for recovery.  It works with gentle heat to increase the body’s formation of collagen.  As a bonus benefit, in addition to enhanced sensation, our patients often report better vaginal lubrication. Read more information on the technology from another one of our articles.

With ThermiVa, Altiora Plastic Surgery and Med Spa is helping women re-discover their more youthful, sensual side.  With every patient, we see confident smiles replacing yesterday’s secret pains.

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