ThermiVa treatements are sensational news in the beauty and health industry. This month we have been focusing on the rejuvenating power of non-invasive Rf waves in our Thermi treatments.

These treatments are not just new.  They are revolutionary.  In our recent blogs, we have introduced you briefly to ThermiSmooth, ThermiTight and ThermiBody treatments and the amazing collegen-stiumlating treatment of Rf waves.

ThermiVa Revitalizes A Woman's Most Delicate Tissue.

Deep and Delicate: The ThermiVa Confidence

We have one more type of Rf Thermi treatment which is taking the beauty and health world by storm:

ThermiVa is the treatment revitalizing women’s most delicate area:  The tissues of the vulva and the vagina.

ThermiVa:  Hail To The “V!”

“Thermi-based treatments applications use radiofrequency energy to gently heat tissue.”

Completely non-invasive, the elegant hand-piece, in the skilled hands of your healthcare provider, brings new tightness and liveliness to the most feminine tissues—the vaginal tissues.

Just as in ThermiTight and ThermiSmooth applications, the Thermi treatment for the vagina and vulva stimulates the body’s own production of collagen to bring youth to the delicate tissue. As a result of the treatment, many women become more confident in their feminitiy for the first time in years–or the firstime in their lives.

Elle magazine recently reported an interview with Harold Lancer, MD, one of the first doctors to offer the FDA-approved experience. He stated, the new treatment is “Like a facelift for your…vagina face.”

He added, “A special wand applicator delivers energy to the external labia and vulvar tissues, helping to restore normal tissue tone and function.”

Secrets of ThermiVa:  How Does it Work?

ThermiVa: For Beauty and Health

ThermiVa is gentle a non-invasive Rf treatment for your most feminine beauty and health.

Put simply, here are some of the biological secrets behind the ThermiVa treatments:

1.   As we age, the collagen of our bodies becomes weak. The cells that produce collagen get lazy at about 40 years old.

2.  The collagen itself loses strength with time.

3.  The heating treatment of the Rf waves changes the collagen by contracting the molecule itself.

4.  This triggers a remodeling or re-organization of the molecular network beneath the skin.

5.  Meanwhile, those semi-retired, lazy fibroblasts are stimulated to create new collagen. They are energized.

Patients also report the therapy is a comfortable experience, requiring little or no downtime.

Some patients report beautiful results cosmetically, but as but you might have heard, that is not the major reason this treatment is gaining its incredible popularity. The major reason is the enrichment of a healthy sexual life. You see, the Rf heat revives both atrophic tissue and other structures, resulting in improved sexual pleasure. Women have verified life-changing results.

ThermiVa:  Is It Right For You?

Doctors recommend this treatment to women who experience these almost unmentionable symptoms:

ThermiVa brings confidence.

A dazzling, Secret Confidence: Both women and their partners are delighted with the results of ThermiVa.

First of all, many women complain of Feminine Dryness,

Equal to the dryness issue is one at the other end of the spectrum:  wetness from Urinary Incontinence,

Likewise, and secondly, age and child birth cause Vaginal laxity,

Thirdly, un undeserved but secret shame of an Unappealing set of labias or mishapen vulva can cripple a woman’s sex drive.

Fourthly, some women are afraid to tell either their doctors or their partners that intercourse is painful.

With ThermiVa, women need no longer suffer with these decidedly indelicate problems.

A Big Plus:  The ThermiVa Confidence Boost!

Patients who have indulged in these beautiful treatments report they have regained their sexual health, restored their confidence and their revived relationships.

Patients usually require 3 monthly sessions, but they see and experience amazing results after the very first session of the typical 3-session-procedure prescription.

After three sessions of the procedure,  beautiful, blissful effects last from 9 to 18 months, and after that can be refreshed every with only single sessions every year.

ThermiVa is not recommended for women who are currently menstruating or pregnant. Nor should you take a ThermiVa treatment if you are currently suffering from a urinary tract infection or a skin infection in the feminine area.

In conclusion, it is easy to see why, here at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery in Orlando, as well as our new location, Altiora Plastic Surgery and Med-Spa, in Sarasota, patients, staff and doctors agree with the magazine, Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty:  “ThermiVa is ThermiVa-va-voom!”

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