Here at Altiora Plastic Surgery &Med Spa in Sarasota, we are preparing for an absolute annual epidemic of sun worshiping.  And the sunshine will get beautiful as our temperatures make their promised climb into the 80’s, by the end of this week.

Sarasota weather means treating your skin with extra loving care. Protect it from the rays of the sun, like you do your eyes.

Give your skin a treat this spring at Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa.  Sarasota spring and summer days require extra loving care for your skin.  

In Sarasota, we live the outdoor, active life and we know how to enjoy our sunshine.  As you also know, the Sarasota lifestyle is part of the reason Dr. and Ms. Cicilioni are located in this area.

It is also part of our mission at Altiora Plastic Surgery and Med Spa to spread our knowledge of safe sun habits.  We want to help you take care of your beautiful, healthy skin.

Sarasota and Altiora Embrace Customized Sunscreen Formula

And you know Dr. Orlando Ceciliani recently released his customized formula for sunscreen to protect delicate skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

We recently premiered our Sunscreen “Melanin Shade.”    And as we begin to enjoy the first stronger rays of the sunny season, let’s review its unique properties.

Spring Sunshine Brings Beauty, But Respect its Harmful Rays

Directly from Altiora in Saint Armand Circle, we proudly have recently presented a remarkable daily-use facial sunscreen.  Why is it different?

1.  To put it simply, Melanin Shade incorporates the natural bronzing compound formed by the skin itself during sun exposure.

That’s right:  The Altiora Skin Product Melanin Shade does double duty.  You can use this sunscreen to protect your skin and make it glow softly with a hint of delicate bronze at the same time.  You will enjoy that trendy, “healthy” color without skin damage from the rays of the sun.

2.  Sarasota sun worshipers love what is not in Altiora’s Melanin Shade:  no fragrance!  As we have said previously, it’s a Nose-Friendly Product.

3.  In casual interviews, Ladies and gents agree around St Armand Circle that the compound of Melanin Shade is rich and touchable.  The formula includes antioxidants and abundance of much-needed vitamins C, E and Ferulic acid.

4.  Good News You Can Use:  Not only is this sunscreen fragrance-free when you sniff the bottle, you won’t smell odd or unpleasant odors once you smooth it on your skin because our Melanin Shade is DHA-free.

Remember, Dark Danger Hides in the Brightest Rays of the Sun:  Melanoma  

In blogs to come, we will be bringing you the latest information on the dangers of over exposure to the sun.  Here in St. Armand Circle, we hope that as you shop for your new 2018 bathing suit and floppy hat, you will also make a stop by Altiora and select Melanin Shade as your sunscreen.  Let’s make this the summer you embrace and a beautiful facet of healthcare with the sunscreen habit.

1.  Remember, Melanin Shade from Altiora is a new kind of sunscreen developed to mesh with our Sarasota, Florida active lifestyle.  In addition to protection, it provides the appearance of a sun-kissed glow shortly after you apply it.

2.  As we have said previously, sunscreen cannot help you if it not applied properly and often to the skin.  That’s why Altiora has infused a soft bronzed glow into Melanin Shade.  We hope you use it often and generously –for health as well as beauty.

Sarasota skin needs protection,Just like this conch shell.

Beautiful Conch, Just One Item that Beautiful Our Special Beaches

Breaking News from Altiora Plastic Surgery &Medspa

St. Armands Circle:  Ladies Night!

We Salute Sarasota, Sun, Sand, Sea and Spring Shopping: Fun, Fashion and Food at St. Armands

April 19, 2018, 5:00-9:00 pm

In fact, why not come and learn about Melanin Shade.  And also see the other amazing Altiora skin products at Ladies’ Night right here in St. Armands Circle?  Join us for refreshments, surprises and visiting as we salute Sarasota, Sun, Sand, Sea and Spring Shopping.

Bring your friends and view all the fashion and fun of spring in the sun.  (And, were you to purchase any skin care items or services, you would be treated to 15% off your regular price.)

Introducing Sarasota Samantha’s Melanoma Story

As the Florida sun illuminates our beautiful Sarasota beaches, parks, city streets, balconies, and backyard decks, we are seeing St. Armand bloom with spring and summer fashion.


Before springtime shopping for that special sundress, check your skin for new mole activity.

Moles Could Spell Danger. Be Sure to Have them Checked.

When you shop for a new swim suit or a sun dress, we remind you to check your skin for unusual moles.  Only when Samantha previewed this blog and read these words did our friend remember an odd and neglected mole in the center of her lower back.

In her cooler weather clothes, she had forgotten about it.  Or more honestly, she had procrastinated about it.  She’d been putting off going to have it checked for months.

She’s very a very high energy lady and terribly busy, like all of us.  However, Altiora is going to see that she follows up with that check-up.  ( By the way, yes, her nickname is Sarasota Sam

–and no, you don’t know her!)

We will be bringing you her story, and more stories and facts behind skin cancer and melanoma in featured Altiora blogs during the next few weeks.

Today’s Terrific Take-Away: 

1.  The arrival of spring and summer sunshine should remind us all to check our skin and look for moles that might exhibit change.

2.  F.Y.I.  The skin cancer statistics for melanoma aren’t pretty.  The American Cancer Society’s estimates for the diagnosis of melanoma in the

The United States for 2018 are:

  • About 91,270 new melanomas will be diagnosed (about 55,150 in men and 36,120 in women).
  • And here’s worse news:  About 9,320 people are expected to die of melanoma…(about 5,990 men and 3,330 women).
  • We don’t want to scare you, but the rates of melanoma have been rising for the last 30 years.

 Just as it is time to remember to slather on sunscreen, it is also time to have a healthcare professional check your skin for moles–Because like summer sunshine, melanoma is nothing to play with.

Do You Have Sunscreen? Hello Sarasota Sunshine!

Hello, Sarasota Sunshine! “Orange” you glad you have Altiora’s luscious new sunscreen?

Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa Salutes Sarasota, Sun, Sand and Sea!

Sarasota is famous for its sunshine.  But at Altiora Plastic Surgery and Med Spa, we want you to be aware that we endorse a healthy attitude toward sun exposure.  Don’t worry, we will be bringing you amazing 21st-century tips to find ways to enjoy our sunshine without taking risks with your skin.  In our next Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa blog, find out your chances of being in a high-risk group for melanoma and what you can do about it.

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