A Love Story for an entire community is unusual.  Yet, the Sarasota area, the place and its people, captured the hearts of Dr. Orlando Cicilioni and his wife Lori.  The Longboat Key News recently told much of that story.  And it really is a story of love.  It is a love story about a special place where they are making dreams come true.

Love means more than Valentines. It's a community commitment at Altiora.

It’s True Love:  Here’s the Altiora Plastic Surgery and Medspa Love Story with a family, a place and a community commitment.

Love Story with Perfect Lifestyle

We thought our blog readers might also find a few thoughts about our new home interesting.  So, you see, this blog article might be a little more local.  And a little more personal in flavor, than most of our blogs.

And with Valentine’s month just around the corner, it seems totally appropriate, since it is about love:  the love of family, love of a man for his profession, the love of beauty, peace and community.  So let’s start at the beginning…

The article points out that Dr. Cicilioni, a board-certified plastic surgeon, “chaired the plastic surgery department for Florida Hospital’s seven campuses.”  The Longboat Key News points out that it’s not unusual to see physicians like Dr. Cicilioni retire here on Longboat Key.  But, the Dr. Orlando Cicilioni’s relocation was not about retirement, far from it.

Retirement was not his dream.  His dream was to live and grow and raise his children here in the present.  It was not to wait until retirement.  His dream involved living in a healthy environment while he continued to work in his art and science of plastic surgery.

Likewise, He and Lori also shared the cherished dream of raising their five children with the advantages of the art, culture and natural beauty of Florida’s culture coast.

Chapters from Dr. Cicilioni’s Altiora Dream

Thus it is that, after 19 years of success in Orlando, Dr. Orlando Cicilioni has relocated with his family, to Longboat Key.  It is here that he has opened Altiora Plastic Surgery and Medspa in St. Armands Circle.

Love at the edge of pristine nature in Sarasota shows you can be urban and beachy at the same time.

If you don’t live near us, we hope you love your city and surrounding area Altiora loves the entire Sarasota area.

The move to the Sarasota area was the direct result of the love they felt for the “geographical beauty, strong cultural amenities and a dedicated and highly rated school system.”

The Longboat Lee News reports that Cicilionis fell in love with the area and the people years ago.  This was during vacations at the legendary Colony Beach and Tennis Resort.

The resort with its tennis courts and beaches has passed into bygone history.  However, the beauty, charm and culture of Sarasota still remains.   The free spirit of the sea and sky, quiet walks on sandy beaches and ever-friendly residents still have the power to enchant the hearts of visitors.

The Cicilionis have discovered a dream few people dare create.

A Valentine for the Holiday Place that Turned into Home

That dream became a plan.  They have now bought a residence where they live with their five children at Water Club.  The children, much to the delight of both parents, attend Pine Butte School.

Love for yourself is keyed to your self-confidence. Talk to Altiora about lift and enhancement.

Love your feminine form with gentle help from Altiora Plastic Surgery.


And the doctor, as you know, offers a full array of services here in the exquisite Altiora facilities at St. Armands Circle.  Dr. “C”  has continued his life-long focus on his specialties in breast surgery.

His work includes the increasingly popular breast lift procedure, as well as pain-relieving breast reduction.  Learn about these procedures related to reconstruction after cancer.   Also check out the personal enhancement of breast augmentation within the pages of our website.

Likewise, if you visit our website services page, you can learn about his work in facelifts, tummy tucks and the confidence-boosting Thermi-Va.  At the Medspa, he and his staff offer a golden menu of first-class treatments for your health as well as beauty.

Dr. Cicilioni and his staff are providing the “very highest and most refined level of service,” in plastic surgery and med spa amenities.

Time to Prepare for Valentines Day Love 

Late breaking news has included his intensive work with chemists to create the exclusive Altiora line of skincare.  The new line features sun protection, moisture and nourishment for all skin types.  Now, as we enjoy stepping into our first February, in our new home, we invite you to treat your needs for health and beauty with a little love.

Try giving yourself as well as your Valentine a little something special from our skincare line or a fine treatment from one of our first class estheticians.


Love the skin your in with ThermiTight, ThermiSmooth and ThermiVa technology.

Discover all the secrets of Thermi technology for your skin at Altiora Plastic Surgery and Medspa.

We are proud to invite residents to stay just where they are. Residents are just moments away from a pristine world of turquoise sea and velvety white sand.  You can still receive world-class medical treatment.

The doctor and his staff remind you that “patients do not have to leave the island and face traffic to receive care and treatment.”  Both residents and visitors will appreciate the convenience and beauty of the Altiora location.

Love For You:  A Special Valentine for Longboat, St. Armands Circle and the Entire Sarasota Area! 

At the office in St. Armands, you can receive Botox as well as other injections.  Plus love your skin with Thermi-smooth and Thermi-tight, the amazing Sapphire 3 Oxylight and some of our surgical procedures.  For more complicated procedures, Dr. Cicilioni has full active privileges at Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

The doctor and his staff take the occasion of the coming Valentine’s month to thank the Sarasota community and the Longboat communities for their support and friendship. We are so grateful for your warmth and courtesy.

And a Valentine to our Blog Readers: 

Whether you are living here or just visiting this beautiful place, we invite you to make a day or a weekend trip.  And make plans to see us at St. Armands Circle.  You will leave Altiora Plastic Surgery and Medspa and Sarasota feeling refreshed, restored and revitalized, whether your home is across town or across the country.


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