Sarasota is helping us to count our blessings; there along the shoreline and deep into the heart of the city, the power of Spring is undeniable. Spring has sprung in Sarasota!

The spring message of the Easter Season is typically a greeting of Reflection, Rejuvenation and Rejoicing.  As Sarasota families anticipate the Easter Holiday, we notice the people around us gazing with new eyes at the world around them.

Sarasota Embraces Spring–and You.

On this topic, Gary Zukav wrote, “The spring wakes us, nurtures us and revitalizes us.”  Then he asks, “How often does your spring come?”

I think it’s safe to assume he might be referring to the spiritually revitalizing message of spring in our hearts as well as in our gardens.

Three Words Describe the Blessings of Sarasota in the Spring

The type of quotation above inspires us to reflect on priorities.  During this physical and spiritual time of year for renewal, we have been thinking about three words: Reflection, Rejuvenation, Celebration…


As we stroll the beach by the Gulfcoast Sanctuary, we cannot help but indulge our sense of gratitude for the beauty of our world and the people in our lives…


We celebrate a new zest for life and a renewal of our vow to provide the gold standard of plastic surgery in the region.  Likewise, we re-affirm our vow to bring the finest care and attention to your health and beauty needs in our world-class Medi Spa.

This spring we demonstrated our dedication to skincare excellence.  After decades of research, we released our highly customized formulas in the Altiora Skincare Line.  This has been only one in a series of first-class care and treatments offered at Altiora Plastic Surgery and Med Spa.

In recent years, we have remained on the cutting edge of the industry by bringing our patients such exquisite brand names as ThermiVa, ThermiSmooth and ThermiTight.  Likewise, our patients express constant appreciation for Kybella, Voluba, and the amazing Oxylight Sapphire 3, just to name a few.

Beauty of a Single Thought

                                    Flowers and Magic Secrets


You will notice we are constantly upgrading technology and education to improve the health as well as the beauty and confidence of our skin care clients.  Part of our Easter pledge is to continue this level of compassion and service.  If you have missed this news, please take a moment to look at the article that introduced this dream-class of products to you.

Celebration in a Culture of Appreciation:

In our new home, we will reinvigorate our appreciation for family, friends and the exquisite local natural beauty we love.

When we can live and work in Sarasota, we feel that daily life becomes a celebration.  Working with our new clients here in Sarasota brings us untold joy, but like many newcomers to this area, we might not have taken much time to express it.

However, we think that Sarasota is a thankful city.  We see our fellow citizens building a culture of appreciation, and it makes our spirits proud.

The very beauty of the place brings springtime balm to our winter-weary hearts.

Because of our reflection on the beauty of this place and innate spirituality of this Easter time, we felt the urge to say “Thank you” to our clients and friends here in our new home in Sarasota.

You see, your warmth and generous support have made our new business—and our hearts–bloom with gratitude and joy.

Celebration In Sarasota

We submit to you an unusual takeaway:  A Little Verse for  Easter Celebration.

With some poetic license and some localized  Sarasota adjustments, a recently received Easter Card Note becomes a summary of the rejoicing we feel as Easter morning draws near.

 An Easter Song on A Sarasota Day in Spring

There could never be
too many rainbows over the sea,
or too many blooms in a Sarasota day in spring.
There could never be too many stars to watch in the velvet night sky.
Or too many songbirds that sing.
Spring could never bring too much contentment, too much salt-sweet air, or too much sandy shore.
The welcoming people of Sarasota have made many family-style dreams come true.

And our dreams number but a few…

Sarasota, with your Marie Selby botanical bliss, 

with your circus heritage grins,

and with your Lido Key White Sand,

There could never be enough ways to say thank you.
And we can never attain too many authentic friends like you! 

Happy Easter, Sarasota!   

Sarasota, a beautiful home.

Sarasota, Florida, USA downtown skyline on the bay.


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