Dream Skin..Healthy skin…Beautiful skin requires careful care and nourishment.  Your dream skin reflects your environment.  And skin is the interface with our professional and personal lives.  As we stated in our previous blog, plastic surgeon Orlando Cicilioni cherished a dream for your skin for many years:  Unique products for a healthy regime of skincare.  He has always hoped to create and offer you products that would:

Dream products protect your skin against any damaging conditions.

Winter can hurt your skin. Let Altiora’s new line of skin products help.

firm the contour,

tone the texture,

and enhance the glow

of any woman, any age, to celebrate her best skin.

Dream Skin and a Doctor’s Dream for You

Dr. Cicilioni never believed beauty was skin deep.  He saw much deeper beauty in the dream skin of his healthiest patients.  Dr. Cicilioni saw their confidence when their skin looked its best.  He wished every woman could enjoy the advantage from a daily boost of self-esteem.

The physician did more than hope and wish.  In hours when he could have relaxed, he studied the structure and chemistry in healthy skin cells.

And he did more than dream, wish and study.  He saved for investing in his ideas.  You see, good chemistry and first-class cosmeceutical consultations for ingredients do not come cheap.  Dr. “C” has gained the experience and education to understand the mysteries and formulation of award-winning skincare.

Dream Skin Care News Released On a Dream Night

As some of our readers know, Altiora participated in Ladies Night at St. Armand Circle last week.  In the bustle of excitement and the relaxed atmosphere of fun, we formally announced Dr. Cicilioni’s Altiora Skincare Line to the delight of many women at the event.

A Dream Can Come True, perfect dream skin texture.

A Woman glows with the dream of her perfect skin.

For detailed information about the skincare line and its ingredients, please don’t hesitate to take a step back in time and read our previous informative listing.  And do not worry, the doctor will continue to make the amazing Altiora serums and creams available at our St. Armand Circle location.  You might only be one phone call or one visit away from the most perfect skin of your life, your dream skin.

Altiora Dream Tips for Healthy Skin Care

From Time to time we announce various tips for healthy skin care, but it’s easy to forget some of these routines.  So we take this opportunity to remind you of a few ways to nurture the skin you are in.  Let us help you make it your dream skin.  Frankly, if you do not take these basic health tips to heart, you will never receive the maximum results from any of your dream skin care products.

First On the List: Although it is winter, remember, as Mayo Clinic states, “a lifetime of sun exposure can cause wrinkles, age spots and other skin problems — as well as increase the risk of skin cancer.”

Second On the List:  Likewise Mayo Clinic encourages gentle treatment of your skin.  “Strong soaps and detergents can strip oil from your skin.  Instead, choose mild cleansers.”  Experts recommend that you avoid overly hot water.  Pat yourself dry and moisturize while your skin remains slightly damp.

Essential Water

Third on the List:  From the basic pages of WebMD, we learn the benefits water.  It will be impossible to attain your dream skin if you avoid drinking water.

Remember, Water is Vital to Beautiful Skin.

Drinking water is one of the best things you can do to keep your skin in shape.  It keeps your skin moist — and that makes “fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable.”

Did you know that water is key to allowing cells to absorb nutrients and release toxins?   Likewise, with every gulp, water assists blood flow, and that helps your dream skin glow.  So Altiora salutes you with a water toast.  Drink up that life-giving glass of frosty cool water for the good of your dream skin.

Our fourth tip for the day must feature a star from any skin care or healthcare minded product:  Anti-oxidants.  Did you know you can also find them in the foods you choose?  So feed your dream skin with “especially colorful fruits and vegetables like berries, tomatoes, apricots, beets, squash, spinach, sweet potatoes, tangerines, peppers, and beans.”

We have many more healthy tips for your skin.  Just watch out for coming posts, and learn how to boost your confidence while you nurture your dream skin.

Altiora For Skin Health and Beauty

One of the most significant meanings included with the word Altiora in the original Latin is “ascending upward or always striving toward higher things.” Here at Altiora, we are constantly striving to bring you options that raise your health, well-being and beauty to a higher place in your self-esteem.

“Altiora in votis” has the meaning of “Set your heart on higher things.”  As you care for your dream skin, in a way which Altiora prescribes, Dr. Cicilioni and his staff hope you will confidently find the “higher things” your individual heart desires.

Thank you for reading our blog this week at Altiora.  We hope you enjoyed hearing about our new skin care line of products.  And we hope you will be trying them out soon.  Let 2018 be the year you take your skin to higher levels of beauty and health.  We also want to be certain to express our appreciation for all of you who attended our Open House last week at Altiora Ladies Night in St. Armand Circle.  New friends and old, we profoundly enjoyed meeting you and helping you discover the perfect products for the health and beauty of your dream skin.

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