Altiora Plastic Surgery and Medspa has been mysteriously hinting in our recent blogs about presenting new surprises 2018.

Presenting New Skin Secrets for 2018

We’ve been keeping some skincare secrets under our hat for 2018.

Some of you have been suspicious it might concern new skincare items.  And at last we can admit it’s true.  Dr. Orlando Cicilioni been working tirelessly with chemists to create his life-long dream. He has studied long hours, to create your most perfect skincare products.  It is true; we have been keeping many very special 2018 secrets under our hats for you.

Presenting:  Time for the Big Revelation

After dedicating long hours in the lab, originating proprietary and secret formulas, and securing exclusive ingredients, our medical grade line of skincare products are ready for you.  Dr. Cicilioni and his staff have at last revealed the Altiora skin care line of élite, medical grade products to enhance the texture, enliven the glow and enrich the firmness of your skin.


          Presenting Your Skincare:  The Grand Public Unveiling Comes at Open House

& Ladies Night St. Armand Circle

The official unveiling and debut of the new skin care line will be celebrated at our

Open House and Ladies’ Night  January 28th, 2018,

from 5-9, right here at St. Armand Circle.

Likewise, you will see how our Sapphire 3 Oxy Light treatment can refresh, restore and revitalize your skin.  Even if winter is drying or roughening your skin, we will show you how the Sapphire 3 Oxy Light treatment can revitalize and rejuvenate your skin, right before your eyes.  Watch your email for a special email notice from us for more details about the Open House with its great specials for the New Year.  We know you won’t want to miss it.

Presenting:  Our Amazing New Skin Care Line of Medical Grade  Products

Skin Care Products are Not Magic;  They’re Real Science.  We know it is tempting to think of a skincare product as if it were magic.  However, we of the 21st-century count on science and technology, refined with many hours and dollars,  to develop the real answers to skin perfection and protection.

Below, you will find a few of our featured products.  Meet them before their official “red-carpet” debut At St. Armand Circle Open House and Ladies’ Night.

Presenting:  Altiora’s Targeted Skin Cleansers:

1. Calm ‘n Cleanse: 

Altiora brings you a foamy, gentle cleansing formula, designed with sensitive skin in mind. Lock in moisture.

Presenting a flask of science and beauty from the mind of Dr. Orlando Cicilioni.

A Flask of beauty, science and technology for skincare and you, exclusively from Altiora. 

2. Exfoli Cleanse: 

This foamy cleanser will remove excess lipids but never leave your skin parched or overly dehydrated.  By the way, for oily or acne prone skin, the Exfoli Cleanse includes salicylic and glycolic acids in the formula to enhance exfoliation.

Presenting a Special Ingredient:

Both of these skin cleansers calm your skin with a mild soothing agent from the exotic Chinese Evodia Rutaecarpa plant. You’ll simply feel the difference as the soothing action comforts your skin.

3.  Presenting :  Anti-Ox + Ferulic Gel

This high potency gel combines Vitamins C and E  with Ferulic Acid and a Keratolytic  agent. This combination both brightens and smooths your skin.  Your skin texture appears not only firmer but more radiant. Plus, this product permeates the skin with ceramide, cholesterol and fatty acid. Thus, Anti-Ox + Ferulic Gel will directly infuse your skin with concentrated hydration.

4.  Presenting Protection: Melanin Shade

Around Altiora Plastic Surgery and Medspa, you will find we are fanatic about sunscreen.  All day, every day, winter and summer, we believe in protecting our skin from harmful sun rays as well as the environment.  Our new sunscreen is like putting protective shade in a bottle.  The Altiora sunscreen, Melanin Shade,  is an anti-oxidant, broad Spectrum SPF 30 bronzer. And, almost unbelievably, this formula feels elegantly rich on your face, which makes it extremely unique among sunscreens.

5.  Presenting: A Cure for Skin Thirst

Your Favorite New Moisturizers are bound to include either our Hydra Riche formula or our oil-free Hydra Lite.  Either one will concentrate age-defying hydration on every plane and in every hollow of your face.  Meanwhile, either one of these moisturizers will luminize the surface of your skin.  You will notice it leaves your skin with a polished glow and velvety suppleness.

6.  The Eyes Have It!  Presenting:   Triple Eye Renewal Cream

For the delicate area around your eyes, Altiora offers you a lustrous cream,  triple-packed with ingredients to minimize fine lines, dark circles and swelling.  This high-powered formula boasts a gentle retinoid ester called HPR, and a Ferulic ester with a little sprinkling of peptides.   You’ll be tempted to use a triple helping of this transforming substance, but it’s not necessary.  You only need to use a minuscule amount of this potent formula, as directed, for optimum results.

7.  Presenting:  Soothe–Skin Calming “Soothe” Speaks for Itself!

If you have ever had a peel, chances are the plastic surgeon in charge prescribed a special product for your post-peel recovery.  This was the inspiration behind the formula for the new Altiora Product, “Soothe.”

Presenting better skincare through science at Altiora Plastic Surgery.

Better Skin Through Science and Technology, from Dr. Cicilioni. It’s Biochemistry, not magic. 

We believe this calming, comforting prescription is far superior to any product of its kind ever developed previously.

Just as its name predicts, skin transforms from sensitized to fortified.  Soothe brings a glowing balance to your skin.

Softly and silkily, it re-textures your skin with intense hydration.  Available only from Altiora Plastic Surgery and Medspa, “Soothe” replenishes skin cells with luxurious liposomal-oxygenated perfluorodecalin.

A Tantalizing Take-Away for Your New Year

Many of our clients recently resolved to take the health and wellness of their skin more seriously in 2018.  Altiora Plastic Surgery and Medspa remind you that healthy skin is part of your overall health and personal self-confidence picture.  Why would some clients avoid it?

  • Some patients have confided to the doctor that they are just too busy for complex skin rituals.  Dr. Cicilioni’s  prescriptions keep it simple.
  • Others expressed a fear that medical grade skincare products would be simply indulgences.  Quality over quantity is always a safer way when you speak of health and wellness products.

    Presenting Unique and scientific solutions for your skin care.

    Dr. Cicilioni brings science, technology and nature together to create personalized skincare products.

  • Some clients give up on their skin because they believe that only genetics can influence its appearance. We don’t deny the power of good genetics, but good skincare can nurture what nature has given you.l
  • Likewise, glossy advertisements and pushy saleswomen lure some clients into a grocery store, department store and even big-box store for cut-rate skin products.  We’ve seen the results: dry, discolored, even damaged skin.  Some skin care products are a little bit like putting fast food on your face. 

Your Skin Needs The Proper Care

Altiora Plastic Surgery and Medspa requests you consider the fact that the skin is actually an organ.  You care for your stomach with a nutritious diet.  And you care for your heart with healthy exercise.  Likewise, we advise you to make careful choices about what you put on your skin.

Remember that harsh chemicals and detergents or alcohol-saturated, fragrance loaded, and untested skin products can deplete your skin of its natural lipids and moisture.

Now, Altiora makes it easy to obtain your personal prescription for a custom skin care that fits your skin type, lifestyle and schedule.  We genuinely invite you to come and see for yourself.

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