The last few blogs have been dedicated to that very prominent facial feature, the human nose. So, today’s blog will pay homage to some other very important features of the face. (If you missed the articles about the nose, then we recommend you click here and here, for some major information about this most prominent feature of the face.)
Certain finely chiseled features have been glorified by artists and sculptors since the days of Ancient Greece. Here in the 21st century, traditional beauty continues to ascribe to the same ideals as classical sculpture: symmetrical, high cheekbones, chiseled chins and a well-defined jaw-line.These fine features are within surgical reach today.

No longer strictly the province of accident victims, finely sculpted facial implants have become a common solution to building a balanced, attractive facial appearance. As part of a total “new look,”facial implants have often been key to a patient’s self-confidence. “These implants are specially formed solid, bio-compatible materials. They are designed to enhance or augment the physical structure of your face.” You can read more descriptions by clicking on this site.

Your surgeon will discuss your personal goals. Then he will design the type of implants best suited to your facial structure. To understand descriptions and the proper proportions of these implants, think of the face in thirds: The forehead, the mid-face and the jaw line. Below, you can explore some of the possibilities:

The Weak Chin Vs. A Distinctive Chin: Your chin implant can re-shape the projection of your chin to improve its proportion to your forehead, nose and mid-face. This is why so many of our rhinoplasty patients elect to have their chin implant created as part of their new look. “Incisions are usually made inside the mouth on either side of the lower lip. However, depending on the structure of your face, some surgeons may use an incision point directly under the chin which will leave a small scar.”

The Sloped or Weak Jaw Vs. A Beautiful jaw-line. When the jaw is weak, it  is not distinct from the neck. Sometimes the line of the jaw angles down instead of from ear to ear. Implants are sometimes placed to increase the or widen the proportion of  the lower third of your face, enhancing a pleasing, oval shape. Sometimes both the chin and jaw must be corrected to prevent a look of severe facial imbalance.

High Cheek Bones Vs. Flat Cheek Bones: Carefully placed implants cause the cheekbones to project from the face at a pleasing angle. They might even contribute volume to recessed or sunken cheekbones.

Creating The High Fashion Cheeks: Malar implants are inserted in the outer upper cheek area. (Unless you tell your secret, only your cosmetic surgeon will “know.”

The Hollow Cheeks: Submalar implants are inserted in the lower or mid-cheek region to correct the appearance of a sunken face. Again, You can visit this source to read more about the actual procedures and types of implants.  (Again, we will keep your secret!)

Ancient Greek artistic ideals aside, each side of your face is not ever perfectly symmetrical. We at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, believe that sometimes a little assymetrical individuality creates your best look. However, we know there is beauty in balance and proportion. Facial features can be enhanced, diminished or augmented with today’s amazing facial implants.

As always, we appreciate our blog readers and we invite you to visit this site often for news and information about cosmetic surgery, and all the possibilities for your new look.




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