Today Orlando Cosmetic Surgery brings you Part Two of our information on rhinoplasty. This is surgery to reshape your nose, and perhaps your confidence, health, and life.

Check Your Qualifications:

Whether it is for cosmetic or structural correction, you should satisfy two very important requirements: The doctors at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, LCC, hope you qualify for Rhinoplasty by having basically good health and not smoking.

Straight Talk About Your New Nose: The Consultation

Not only will our doctors interview you about your health history, but, as we said in our last blog, the doctors will examine your expectations and goals for the surgery.  Your medical work-up at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery will include notes about any previous medical conditions or treatments, a list of drug allergies, any medications you take, and a few more things detailed below.

A Few More Steps Before Your New Profile:

• We will examine and measure your face, of course.
• Careful photographs will be created.
• We will discuss your various choices, and your doctor will recommend the best course for your rhinoplasty.
• You talk about the type of anesthesia that will minimize your discomfort.
• Before you leave the office, you will know the probable result and possible complications of surgery on your specific nose.|
The Sculpting of Your New Nose
Below you will discover the basic steps to the surgical creation of your new nose.

Step 1 – Sleepy Time

We we have tender hearts, and do not want to cause you unecessary pain:  We know the latest techniques and we will administer anesthesia and medications so that you will experience minimal discomfort.

Step 2 – The Incision: Surgery of the nose is performed either using a closed procedure, or an open procedure. (Read more about this here.) Through these incisions, the soft tissues that cover the nose are gently raised, allowing access to reshape the structure of the nose.

Step 3 – The Sculpture:To reshape your the nose, the surgeon can reduce or augment nasal structures with the use of cartilage. Usually the doctor utilizes pieces of cartilage from the septum, for your graft. (Again, you can read more information here.)

Step 4 – Correction: If the septum is deviated, the doctor will now straighten it. He can also reduce the projections inside your nose, and improve your breathing.

Step 5 – Finishing Touches:  Closing the incision begins after the underlying structure of the nose is sculpted. A desired shape has now been formed, and nasal skin and tissue is gently and artfully manipulated into place.  Your physician might need to hide a few incisions in the creases of the nostrils to change their shape or size.

Step 6 – Time for the Mirror! It is possible that your nose will have splints and internal tubes a few days as it begins the healing process. The initial swelling goes down within a few weeks, then you will notice gradual changes in your nose, over a course of a year, as healing and time refine your new nose.

Reflections:  “No Fear” Noses

We know that your nose is a very defining facial characteristic. Even a slight reshaping of the size and shape of your nose will likely cause great improvements in your appearance. This is why half a million people consult with facial plastic surgeons every single year. (If you are still “nosey” for more Rhinoplasty information, do some deep reading with the American Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, by clicking at this point.)  We also invite you to re-visit part I of our  information on rhinoplasty by clicking here.

If you understand the procedure, then we feel you will be more relaxed and confident about your surgery.

Here in Orlando, we specialize in establishing good rapport between surgeons, and patients. Our rigorous dedication, scrupulous consultation and meticulous surgical expertise will nourish your trust from your very first contact with our professionals.

Thanks for being our reader today, and we hope you will visit our blog often for news about cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.  As always, we would love it if you would click a button below and connect us with your world of friends.


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