ThermiSmooth brings you secret confidence at any age.

Amazing texture and firmness renewed with ThermiSmooth.

ThermiSmooth skin is bringing ageless beauty to Sarasota faces. ThermiSmooth might just become the Sarasota Secret to confident skin beauty.  Here at Altiora Plastic Surgery and Med Spa, we have derived great joy from introducing women to their own ThermiSmooth face of beauty.

Every day here in our new St. Armands Circle location, we feel we are bringing health, beauty and confidence to Sarasota–one woman at a time.

Because of Thermi-Smooth technology, the standard of skin beauty will be forever changed. For several weeks, we have been telling you about this RF technology, which creates smoother, firmer skin for any age.

If your eye bags, marionette lines or crepey skin texture are giving you an older or stressed appearance, we can help you.

What’s not to Love about Thermi-Smooth?

For years, many of us at Altiora Plastic Surgery and Med Spa have dreamed of a painless, non-invasive way to treat the above annoying issues of aging skin. Just because we know such symptoms are the price of time and gravity does not mean we want to tolerate them.

Now, Thermi-smooth brings us the pain-free way to look as good as we dream we should.  Moreover, there is no downtime with this type of RF treatment. With ThermiSmooth you can tighten up the skin in the small spaces of your face.

ThermiSmooth works at any age, at the cellular level.

Skin of every age and type can benefit from ThermiSmooth.

Have You Seen the ThermiSmooth® Face?

When you make an appointment for ThermiSmooth at our beautiful St. Armands Circle location, you will see the elegant, non-threatening ThermiTouch Handpiece.

With it, our gifted and highly trained aestheticians control non-invasive RF heat under the skin.  This warming treatment harnesses the power of your own body to generate youthful collagen growth. Overall, this procedure will remind you of the ThermiTight treatment, but there is no skin puncturing involved.

The tip of the ThermiTouch does not grate, puncture, lacerate, cut or abrade the surface of your skin. It is small enough to treat the delicate tissue under your eyes, and the tiny, bothersome vertical lines that might be formed above the elegant arch of your lips.

The trendy beauty blog, Black Book recently reported, “The ThermiSmooth Face has been referred to as the Spanx® for the under eye area so should definitely be considered when dealing with under eye bags or crepey eyelids.”

More Skin Transformations:  It’s Not Just about the Face

For those of you who stress about areas beyond the face, we highly recommend ThermiSmooth Body, which works on the same principle, but treats mild laxity and cellulite on the body.  This treatment will change the lives and styles of any of you who never wear shorts in the Florida heat, because of a little embarrassing cellulite.   Just give us a call, and ask about ThermiSmooth Body.

Beyond Science Fiction:  The ThermiSmooth Face

This is not fancy cream in a crystal jar. As we have said previously, this is not a surgery, drug or toxin.  This is real RF science, based on

ThermiSmooth treats your skin from within. Makeup only works on the outside.

Altiora Advice: Before You Add Make-up, treat your skin from within. ThermiSmooth works.

controlled heat applied under the surface layers of your skin, and 20 years ago, we would have said it was impossible. The heat or energy as it might be better termed, ignites the neocollagenisis process.  Those of you who love deep reading about scientific details might enjoy a related article on neocollagenisis, produced by the National Library of Medicine. 

ThermiSmooth works to improve texture, tone and contour at the cellular level because it stimulates your own body’s busy growth of collagen, Keep in mind that this process quite normally slows down as cells age—even in cells as young as 30.

ThermiSmooth:  Controlled Non-Invasive Tissue Heating

Without a lot of pretty language, let’s condense the scientific focus of this treatment:  “ThermiSmooth® Face is an application of the ThermiRF® device, which is FDA cleared and indicated for use in dermatological and general surgical procedures for electrocoagulation and hemostasis.”  Put simply, the experts at Thermi explain, “The ThermiRF device heats tissue to achieve electrocoagulation and hemostasis by utilizing radio-frequency electrical energy.”

ThermiSmooth for Healthy Skin Texture and Youthful Confidence

When you think you look your best, you feel a sense of confidence that cannot be denied.  ThermiSmooth brings the type of texture and tone to the skin that echoes your energy and confidence. The forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth and neck all reflect texture, contour and tone, and ThermiSmooth, in the hands of an artfully trained professional, can direct the proper amount of energy to these spaces. We believe you will undoubtedly see results with each session of ThermiSmooth treatment.

Here at Altiora Plastic Surgery, we can’t help you smooth out the dips, wrinkles and bumps in your life, but we can help you with the dips, wrinkles and bumps in your skin with many different therapies and treatments. ThermiSmooth contains an individualistic secret, subtle beauty that retains your natural beauty and expression.

ThermiSmooth is only one way to attain the velvety texture and contour of your skin’s potential. We have many other options available. So call us before the summer fades away, and we are busily preparing for fall and Back to School.

As the last weeks of summer march into the future, make plans to Face Fall with a new attitude, a new confidence, a renewed energy and perhaps a subtle new look. We’re here in lush Saratoga to help you find the healthy beauty that’s right for you.

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