From Mae West’s voluptuous curves to Twiggy’s androgynous angles and lines, a woman’s silhouette
eStylish Vacation in Any Erastablishes much of the beauty, fashion and style of an era.

From fashion magazines and medical journals, to internet articles and blogs, the last stories of 2016 and first stories of 2017 have embraced the tender topic of a woman’s bosom.

In fact, it seems that the appearance of a cup that runneth over or a dated impression that bigger is better,  has been fading from the perception of beauty and style for several years.

Fitness, Style and Beauty

With the modern woman’s physical lifestyle, the bombshell or top-heavy appearance of unnatural, over-sized, artificially shaped breast profile of yesteryear is no longer the “ideal.”

Plus, there are sometimes back problems or clothing difficulties attached to the old style super-sized augmentations.

It’s About Proportion

This does not mean that women are avoiding breast augmentation surgery.  It remains securely enthroned as one of the top five most requested surgeries by women.  Let’s check the most recent statistics for popular cosmetic surgeries for women:

1.   Liposuction (396,048 procedures)

2.   Breast Augmentation Procedures (305,856 procedures)

3.   Tummy Tuck Surgery (180,717 procedures)

4.  Eyelid Surgery (169,708 procedures)

5.  Breast Lift Procedures (148,967 procedures)

However, there’s a new breast surgery named, “the explant,” in which patients ask their surgeon to remove their implants.  Before we jump to conclusions about this trend, let’s look at a few statistics:

“In 2015, there were more than 38,000 breast implant removals performed.”   …”The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery began tracking these procedures just last year because plastic surgeons reported more patients were requesting them…a 22% increase…”

Most patients are asking for replacement implants in a smaller, more manageable size.  Dr. Daniel Mills, president of the ASAPS, states, “Women are downsizing or having them taken out altogether…”

It’s About A Surgeon’s Art, Skill and Up-to-date Style

The trendy online magazine,, calls the more naturally shaped, proportional appearance of breasts “a quiet change” that the general public barely noticed until this year.

However, experienced cosmetic surgeons have noted the more natural shaped trend in breasts, as well as smaller size requests for decades.

The Truth Behind The Cup-size

Fashions and the style of bra supports have also evolved over the generations. A modern, active woman does not want to feel strapped, and braced and reshaped by her undergarments.

1.  In today’s gentle bras, even a natural BB cup might begin to sag, or at least appear to sag a biExercise makes me Happyt in woman’s 30’s.

2.   But here’s an even larger truth to face:  Implants are not for a life-time.

3.  From the very first consultation, Orlando Cosmetic surgery explains that breast augmentations have to be maintained.

Manufacturers of implants are now advising patients to replace their implants every 10 years to avoid hardening, rupture, or asymmetry.

4.   Likewise, we must acknowledge weight-gain can play a role in a woman’s self-image.

The larger breasts that increased a woman’s self confidence in her twenties might be making her feel heavy and dragged down in her forties.

Between a flimsy bralette, and intense physical activity, a woman with “old school” style implant surgery, done 10-12 years ago, might feel discomfort, even without the above list of explicit complications.

New Trends for the New Look

Many women are utilizing a breast lift with analogous fat transfer to achieve the elegant, proportioned and athletic look that has become the new, 21st century standard of beauty.  We urge the ladies of 2017 to communicate well with their cosmetic surgeon before opting for breast  augmentation.

Here at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, we know what it means to stay current with our surgical art, and technical expertise.  We also understand your body is a reflection of your lifestyle, and we’ll help you discover what’s really right for you.

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