Dr. Orlando Cicilioni:  Dedicated to Breast Patient WelfareOrlando Cosmetic Surgery believes that every breast cancer patient should be aware of her breast reconstruction alternatives. Such knowledge is key to her selecting the best option for her life. That is what Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day is all about!

Recently, on Oct. 15th, we saw many fund-raising and educational events organized by communities with the help of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and The Plastic Surgery Foundation (The PSF).

These organizations are dedicated to making sure that every woman who is diagnosed with breast cancer learns about her options to heal.

“Breast cancer patients are not always told about their reconstructive options, and in turn women do not receive the comprehensive care they deserve.” said ASPS President Robert X. Murphy, MD.

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, or have had breast cancer surgery, we invite you to read one of our most recent articles, which will give you some ideas of the types of options you have for reconstructive surgery of your breasts.

He added, “With our BRA Day campaign and the corresponding events across the country, our intent is to help make women aware of their options when it comes to breast reconstruction.”

The specialized awareness campaign also celebrates breast cancer survivors and their family members.

BRA Day Emphasizes A Continuum of Care

At Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, we feel that all breast cancer patients should have a clear comprehension of their individualized treatment plan. This is not a one Know Your Breast Cancer Reconstruction Options With Dr. Cicilioniday awareness celebration for us, but a concentrated effort made for every breast cancer patient treated by our doctors and staff. In the words of the ASPS,”This continuum of care approach brings together a multidisciplinary group of medical professionals who work together from breast cancer diagnosis through recovery, in an effort to optimize care for each patient.”

We are very proud that the ASPS and the PSF have created a free Breast Reconstruction Planner that is a user-friendly guide for breast cancer patients. We invite you to visit this informative online resource.

At that site, you will be able to download this very empowering document, which is essentially an educational and planning tool. It is packed with tips and ideas for your recovery, and written by experienced plastic surgeons. We are especially proud of the readability and the practical honesty of this guide. If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, you will no doubt appreciate the clarity of such chapters as “What Is Breast Reconstruction?” as well as the honesty of such chapters as “Breast Reconstruction: Safety, Risks, and Costs.” And again, we reiterate: This resource is free.

BRA day events for 2014 are now history, but the commitment of their sponsors should be recognized. Orlando Cosmetic Surgery commends this year’s Premium Sponsor, MTF, as well as Allergan Company, as a Gold Sponsor and by Sientra, as a Silver Sponsor.

We know the commitment behind this single day of awareness stretches to every day of the year, and through the financial support of these companies, reaches out to every woman who is diagnosed with breast cancer. We know the ASPS and The PSF are “grateful for the contributions and participation from these leading companies.”

Remember your self exam

Orlando Cosmetic Surgery: Proud to Be On Your Team!

If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, we hope you will assemble a team including: your gynecologist,your radiologist, your plastic surgeon, your breast surgeon, and your medical oncologist.

At Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, we are accustomed to working with such a team from the beginning of a woman’s breast cancer diagnosis. We will help you make the decisions that will be right for you.

Likewise, we are accustomed to helping patients who have had surgery months or even years in the past.

In either case, we will work together  to restore you to self-confidence and a feeling of wholeness after surviving breast cancer.  We invite you to click and visit a special page concerning breast reconstruction, right here on Dr. Orlando Cicilioni’s Website.





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