Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Brings You New Looks for 2015! It is human nature to become reflective as we face a New Year. We think of rejuvenation, renewal and new beginnings. Don’t worry, this is not going to be a blog about making a New Year’s Resolution, but it is a little bit about finding the look you want in 2015.

At Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, we can not help but wonder how many of you are considering the damaging effects of time on your face, skin, and body. Will 2015 be your year to embrace a New Look from the art and science of cosmetic surgery?

Perhaps you will seek subtle touches of youth from the new technology of the liquid face lift. In our most recent blog, we spoke of the amazing beauty bonus of Botox, a beautiful option for those furrows and lines.

Where Do You Start?

Let’s say you are interested, but you want to know more about a facelift or breast augmentation. You are not quite ready to go to a consultation, but you are ready to discover your options. If you are considering cosmetic surgery in 2015, we want to recommend a fine source as a starting point for your research: The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) It is the largest plastic surgery specialty organization in the world.

This organization is made up of board-certified plastic surgeons, like Dr. Orlando Cicilioni. These surgeons bring beauty of form and function to patients through cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

At the ASPS website, you will find an index of various types of cosmetic surgery with clear descriptions and information, written for patients. They present numerous articles and impeccable news and research stories about cosmetic and reconstructive surgery on their site. (Just click on the “reconstruction” or the “cosmetic” tabs at the top of the home page.)

You will discover invaluable material, such as “what questions to ask about a procedure.”  Likewise you can learn about the major steps in the procedure you are considering.Woman with her computer, contemplating cosmetic surgery at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery.

ASPS:  So Much More!

However, ASPS is much more than an information provider.

This organization also champions “quality care to plastic surgery patients by encouraging high standards of training, ethics, physician practice and research in plastic surgery. The Society advocates for patient safety, such as requiring its members to operate in accredited surgical facilities that have passed rigorous external review of equipment and staffing.”

These are the reasons that Orlando Cosmetic Surgery is proud to display the ASPS logo on our website. (You might have noticed that we tell patients to require  that a cosmetic surgeon is “board certified,” as a condition of becoming their patient.)

A Very Happy New Year Message, 2015!

As we face many blank pages in the open book of 2015, the doctors and staff of Orlando Cosmetic Surgery know we will be “writing” new stories of challenges and victories.

There is one part of you that can never be touched by age or time: Your Attitude. You have heard it said, that “Attitude is everything.” We must agree, so we are sending you good wishes for maintaining a positive attitude in 2015. We are closing 2014 with a special quotation from the writings of Joanna Fuchs:

A Brighter, Better New Year

“Happy, Happy New Year!

We wish you all the best,

Great work to reach your fondest goals,

And when you’re done, sweet rest.

We hope for your fulfillment,

Contentment, peace and more,

a brighter, better New Year than

You’ve ever had before.”

Happy New Year from the Doctors and Staff of Orlando Cosmetic Surgery.


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