It has been a while since the Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Blog has discussed the specifics of the FDA-approved Natrelle 410 breast implants from Allergan.

If you have already made the personal decision to enhance your bust-line with breast augmentation, then it is time to stop thinking that breasts only come in certain cup sizes!  Today’s woman now has many more choices available when she considers the shape and size of her breast implants.

What Is the Natrelle 410?

At Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, we think you  will be pleasantly amazed when you see the Natrelle 410 byAllergan. Unlike the old-school round breast implants, Allergan has sculpted the Natrelle 410 into an aesthetically appealing tear-drop form. Older styles and brands of round silicone implants could slosh, ripple or spread into unappealing shapes, depending on the position of a woman’s body.

The Natrelle 410 is different because the outer shell is “stable.”  Thus, it holds  its lovely anatomic shape; it is immune to the any deforming ripple or slosh effect from your body position. The magic, art and science begins in the shell, because it will not fold over. This is why the upper area of the breast maintains fullness in a beautiful feminine swell.

The Natrelle 410 is also Highly Cohesive. This means that these Silicone-filled breast implants will give patients and surgeons a multitude of  choices about size and shape of their new breasts.

Breast Implant Characteristics You Will Discuss With Your Surgeon

1. The Fulsome Bust-line: Did you know you will be able to select low, moderate or full for your implant height, or thickness?

2. The Projection: You will also be permitted to choose the projection, or lift of your breasts, in low, moderate, full or extra full.

3. The Volume: Choose between many different volumes. Everything about you from your voice print to your fingerprints is individualized. Now, your breasts will be customized so that your uniqueness remains.

4. The feel: These natural or anatomically shaped are available in three different densities:

TruForm One: “Soft” (also called “Responsive Gel”) This is the most delicate density, the softest cohesive gel.

TruForm Two: “Slightly Firm” (also named “Soft Touch Gel”) This is a slightly firmer cohesive gel, with a little more control in its shape, and a more natural movement.

TruForm Three: “Firm” (also termed simply “Cohesive Gel”) This version is  all about control. The implants feel firmer and the shape is stronger.

What Are Your Practical Goals For Breast Augmentation?

At Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, we realize the above are uniquely intimate choices regarding one of the most feminine aspects of your personal beauty and self-esteem.

The choices can be made in hundreds of ways, but Dr. Orlando Cicilioni will give you guidance during your consultation.

As a surgeon and an artist in symmetry, he will help you select the right implants according to the width of your breasts and many other factors.

He will evaluate the type of skin and breast tissue you have, and you will discuss the locations of the incisions as well as the position of the implants.We invite you to click and read this special page of breast augmentation information he has created just for patients like you.

There are ethical, esthetic and health  limits; a breast implant that is too large can damage delicate skin and tissue.  Dr. Cicilioni is sensitive to these issues, as well as to your self-confidence and your goals.

The doctors and staff at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery see the confidence that often comes with the beauty of breast augmentation. This is not only because of successful, artistic and natural surgery, but also because of successful pre-planning and preparation. This is why Dr. Cicilioni will consult with you about your  practical goals and aspirations concerning your breast augmentation.

We thank you for reading our blog today, and if this topic appeals to you, we invite you read more about the amazing Natrelle 410 from from one of our previous articles.



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