The secret is out! For years European and Canadian women and their cosmetic surgeons have enjoyed the secret of beautiful, natural shaped breast implants. At last American women can share that secret with Anatomically Shaped Natrelle 410 silicone gel breast implants, created by the highly respected Allergan Corp.

Discover The Secret!

The Natrelle 410’s have been approved for America by the FDA. These anatomically shaped gel implants have been enjoyed for 18 years by European women, and tested in 10 years of clinical trials in the USA.

Now, there is no need to pack your bags for a European medical trip in order to achieve the artistic bust line enhancement you desire!

Even in America, you are qualified for these highly cohesive, artistically sculpted, silicone gel breast implants. Consult with Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, and discover if the Natrelle 410’s are right for you. To be eligible, you should be over the age of 22, and desire any of the below surgical options:

1. These implants give an alluring and natural appearance to your primary breast augmentation.

2. They are a beautiful choice if you are considering revisional breast augmentation.

3. If you need breast cancer reconstruction, these will sculpt a perfect feminine bust line for you.

Before you choose a surgeon, you should know that Allergan requires doctors to complete a certification program, which includes instruction on surgical techniques before they are permitted to offer the Natrelle® 410 shaped gel implants. Dr. Orlando Cicilioni, Jr., MD, FACS, of Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, recently completed such
certification. He stated, ”What makes these implants unique is their form-stable shape, and the multitude of shapes available. Ultimately, these implants yield a more natural appearance to the breast.”

We know that you will be pleased with the Natrelle 410 implants because they are uniquely created with the perfectly balanced amount of gel cohesiveness and softness to accomplish two aesthetic goals “to achieve shape that holds and satisfaction that lasts.”




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