We are celebrating a Happy Holiday party time and ushering in 2014 with friends and family.

We should glow, like the cheer within our hearts. Unfortunately, the busy holiday rounds of shopping, partying, and visiting can actually dull the skin, and make it appear dry.

Working or partying, as well as missing nuitition, and sleep are triggers for puffy, lackluster skin. Fortunately, writer C.A. Shenigo and the wonderful editors of the Smart Beauty Guide, sponsored by the American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, have rushed to our rescue with some first aid   “beauty tips to help repair the damage from the inevitable overindulgence in eggnog, parties, and late nights.”

We have packed these hints and a few of our own, into a quick First Aid Kit, below:

1. Holiday Emergency Help For Puffy, Tired Eyes: We all know how delicate the under-eye are is, and it will be the first feature to appear abused by lack of sleep or overindulgence. You will find two tea bags soaked in warm water within our first aid kit and two chilled cucumber slices. Place either the teabags or the cucumbers over your eyelids for a few minutes “to help reduce any swelling.”

Experts say that you might also try stroking an ice cube wrapped in plastic wrap over any puffy areas, or “lightly tapping the skin around your eyes with your fingertips.”

An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cucumbers however, and we warn you, at least in time for Valentine’s day, that you could simply avoid alcohol at that party, or at least severely limit your intake. Whether you party late, or work late, we advise you to remember to remove your make-up before you collapse.

2. Also For Eye Area Help:   In our First Aid Box, you might find a special eye cream or serum. These might contain such ingredients as caffeine and licorice. These can also “help reduce swelling, with the later giving the added bonus of targeting dark circles as well.”

You could also plan a little help with in the future by visiting Orlando Cosmetic Surgery and investigating fillers. In some cases, when fillers are carefully placed under the eye, they can counteract the loss of volume that accentuates dark circles. You could make it a New Year’s resolution to schedule a consultation and discover your options.

3. Holiday Hydration, The Anti-Drink Is H20: In our First Aid Box, along with half a dozen bottles of chilled spring water, you will find party-time instructions. Do not dehydrate when you celebrate! The ASAPS experts have written you a prescription: Take “one glass of water for every cocktail imbibed to help counter the effects of tomorrow’s inevitable hangover.” After any party, we suggest you drink more water when you get home, and keep a bottle by your bedside.

4. Holiday Exfoliation: Included in your emergency kit, you will find a Clarisonic electronic face brush. You only need a gentle exfoliating scrub. Your Clarisonic will quickly remove that “upper layer of dead skin cells and win back your skin’s instant glow.”

5. Merry Moisturizer: Follow your Clarisonic cleansing “with a moisturizer and a light splash of cold water to brighten and tighten, and you should notice an immediate difference.”

Also, in our beauty emergency kit, you will find a treasure trove of Obagi skin treatments. You can depend on the professionals at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery to help you choose a routine that is suited to your skin type, skin  condition, and age.

After the parties, the winter vacations, and the visits, and after these simple first aid skin “fixes,” we must remind you to apply a SPF 30 sunscreen as you face the first days of 2014!

Once again, we thank you for reading our blog, and we hope you return many times during the New Year, to discover new trends from the world of cosmetic and plastic surgery.



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