Just as we promised in our last blog, Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, LLC, now continues your Liquid Facelift:  A Primer of Facial Filler Facts . Please feel free to review Chapters, One to Four from the previous blog by clicking here. Chapters Five and Six reflect a typical journey through the experience of receiving facial fillers. Every case is different, but here we give you a brief, step-by-step outline, so you know what to expect of the procedure.

CHAPTER FIVE: A Personal Assessment

1. In your detailed consultation, the unique features of your face and your skin type will be analyzed .
2. The doctor will check the degree of skin damage you might have.
3.He will assess your collagen depletion and examine the laxity of your skin.

Together you will discuss your objectives and aspirations, and he will ascertain the liquid products that will accomplish your beautiful new look. You can read more in-depth details by clicking here.

CHAPTER SIX: The Dermal Filler Experience

Next, strategic points on your face will be marked. These are guides for the injections of the carefully prescribed filler.

Clean And Sweet

Naturally, as you would expect, your injection sites will be cleansed with an antibacterial agent. A topical anesthetic will be gently used to numb the area. Sometimes the dermal filler itself contains an anesthetic in the formula.

Tiny Injections

The actual injections require only seconds per site.  Although every case differs, the injecting phase of this procedure is a brief one, lasting only minutes.

Going Deep

Sometimes multiple injections are required to achieve your smooth, fresh new look. If deeper injections are necessary, a simple local anesthetic will minimize your discomfort. (Advanced readers or health professionals might enjoy more reading this source.)

1. Often the sites for deeper injections are the sunken nasolabial folds. (These are the lines that extend from the corners of your nose down to the corners of your lips.)

2. Another site that might require deeper injections involves those aging, deep-set marionette lines. (These extend from the corners of your mouth, down to the jaw-line, just like the hinged “talking mouth” of the old-fashioned ventriloquist puppets.)

Cool and Clean

Those initial little marks of your customized injection site map will be cleansed. You will be presented with a soothing ice pack. Usually this will reduce your discomfort, which is normally quite minimal.

Your Beautiful New Look

As you look into the mirror, you will see your fresh new look. With lines and folds “filled,” your features will appear more refined. Your expressions will seem softer. Some patients say it compares to having a little “Photoshop”done on their portrait, only this “retouch” is touchable and real.

Refresh and Rejuvenate:  The Re-play

Remember, these improvements are temporary. These are treatments which will need to be repeated over time. Sometimes these fillers are a first step into preserving your “look.” Your lovely enhancements might leave you curious about a cosmetic surgery at a time that is suitable to your schedule. If you desire more permanent enhancements to your beauty, the professionals at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, LLC will be glad to discuss your surgical options.

The surgeries you might consider will be a face-lift, a brow-lift or eye-lift. Please feel free to examine the major details of these surgical options within the informative pages of this website. We have made every effort to place preliminary information at your finger-tips.

CAUTION: Whether you are reading this information here at our home in Orlando, Florida, or in your own “Hometown,” USA, or abroad, we must again warn our blog readers and friends that injections of dermal fillers can be dangerous if they are done by an unqualified, untrained or unethical person.

You only have one unique face, so we recommend that you put it in the gentle hands of the trained, professional specialists at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, LLC.  Thank you for visiting our blog! We hope you will “share” us on Facebook, so we can improve understanding of the options of twenty-first century cosmetic surgery.


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