With the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend behind us, we now highly anticipate the final holidays of the year with growing excitement.   The sprigs of mistletoe are already in place and they will be tempting you for sweet holiday kisses!

It is not long until we will be ushering in 2016 with, of course, a New Year’s Eve kiss!

There’s no better time to polish the perfect pout for your holiday look.  So, Orlando Cosmetic Surgery suggests you spend the next weeks giving close attention to a beauty routine for lips.

Although this article seems light-hearted in nature, we do not make this suggestion just to cater to vanity.

Here at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, we know that health, beauty and self-confidence are all inexorably intertwined.

Lips are very vulnerable to chapping and cracking this time of year and that’s not healthy.  We can counteract the harmful effects of cooler temperatures, winter sunshine, age and indoor heating with a simple beauty regime of three steps.

Three Steps to Holiday Lip Beauty: From Orlando Cosmetic Surgery

Lips need help from Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Med Spa.1. Exfoliate, But Gently! There is a world of lip exfoliating products at your nearest cosmetics counter, but beware!

Lip exfoliators contain alpha or beta hydroxy acids and they can irritate delicate tissues if you have sensitive lips.

You can utilize a washcloth or a soft tooth brush without resorting to chemicals.  If you prefer an exfoliator, use it sparingly so it doesn’t do more harm than good.

2. Moisturize And Lavishly! Moisturize your lips by using balm or cream for the outside, but remember to drink plenty of water for the inside!

Cooler temperatures tempt us to deprive ourselves of a healthy level of hydration.

3. Protect, For All Seasons! The suns rays can still harm the thin tissues of the lips.  The answer is a sunscreen-rich balm to protect them.

Lip enhancement is a specialty at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery.

Did you know that the lower lip gets the most sun?  It makes sense if you think about it.  Our Special Winter Care Tip:  Keep protecting your lips more than once a day.

If you are going to be outdoors, we recommend that you re-apply your balm after every two hours.

Lip Enhancement: Do You Desire More Fullness and Contour In Your Lips?

Here at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, we can enrich your lip-line with more plumpness, refinement and contour with a minimum of down-time.

If you have a lunch-break, you can recover from simple injections that will plump your lips.  Likewise, we have the art and science to enhance your lips so that the new definition looks natural and blends into the rest of your features.

With good lip care and a beautiful smile, you can enjoy winter holiday glamour. Injections of fillers will actually restore a youthful contour, texture and plumpness to your lips.

(Once again we feel obligated to alert you that this is a special medical procedure and it should be accomplished in a medical establishment, not at a party or in the back room of a beauty parlor.)

You can even choose the option of having your own fat cells removed, process and re-injected into your lips.

“The result is a refined, contoured mouth and lip that blends into the patient’s natural features and doesn’t make them look like a cartoon character,” says Stephen S. Park, MD, from the Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Be prepared to celebrate the coming holidays with luscious lips and a beautiful smile!  Find more information at this convenient resource.

A Special Reminder from Orlando Med-Spa:

Do not neglect your skin during your busy holiday schedule.  Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Med-Spa recently opened a beautiful offer for a special IMAGE holiday kit to bring your skin a new level of moisture, texture and contour. Click and Check it out. What a gift of both beauty and health for yourself or a friend!

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