Get your skin ready for holiday time with Orlando Cosmetic Surgery. At this time of year Orlando Cosmetic Surgery has a saying Gratitude is Our Attitude Year Round. We are officially in the Holiday Season for 2015.

Before planning your sparkling Holiday outfits, before indulging in special perfume or splurging on that glittering statement jewelry, Orlando Cosmetic Surgery implores you to think of the health of your skin.

Preparing your skin for the holidays with its best natural glow and texture is a challenge. Today the doctors and staff are bringing you some tips to help you prepare for the Holidays with that special glow. Here are three key tips to guide you to shining holiday skin:

Top Skincare Tips For Your Holiday Look!

1. Shine from inside out: Your skin demands 30 percent humidity to stay properly moisturized. The dry heat of a warmly heated room gives skin only 10 per cent of the required humidity? What you think feels cozy probably feels horrible to your skin cells.

When is the best time to moisturize? We know that all you want after your bath is that warm fluffy towel and perhaps a little body powder, but your skin craves moisture. The minutes to moisturize belong to you; it’s a private time to treat your skin to the moisture it craves.

2.  Sunscreen for Self Esteem: When the winter months bring overcast skies, don’t be tempted to neglect your sunscreen. In spite of the gray clouds of winter, the damaging rays of the sun can still dry out your skin, and even burn it, and damage skin cells in ways you can’t even see with the naked eye.  At the Mayo Clinic, this is their number one skin care concern, and you can read more about it at this expert source.

Pause and lavish your skin with moisturizer after that bath or shower. Give your skin a Thanksgiving gift for which it will be grateful all winter long.

Orlando Cosmetic Surgery brings you Holiday glow for skin.

3.  Use Caution With Hot Showers: Again, we know you delight in the steaming hot shower after damp, chilly weather. However, please be aware that the hot shower that feels good at the time you take it is also a prime source of dry skin.

4.  What’s in Your Soap: Some soap and bath products are packed with ingredients that dry out your skin. Check the ingredients in your bath products. Check your chemistry, and remember alcohol is a damaging ingredient that dries out your skin.  Find more winter skin tips at this informative resource.

If you want to be proud of your healthy skin, if you crave a contoured look, refined texture and a healthy glow, treat it daily to sunscreen, its only defense against sun rays, no matter what the season.

Caution: If you are planning a Thanksgiving snow skiing trip, remember that your skin is in double jeopardy. The sun sends out harmful rays, and snow reflects them.

An Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Reminder:  Only you can protect your skin well! In turn, your skin will help you look your best in spite of age and gravity. At any age, we believe healthy, smooth, firm skin believe skin is key. It is not simply a hallmark of beauty; it is a glowing tribute your health and self-confidence.

Orlando Cosmetic Surgery invites you to as us about the wonderful moisturizer, sun block, and other skin care products we offer from the great science of Obaji. Do not be deluded by Internet scams, the genuine Obaji products are sold only in cosmetic surgery offices and medical spas. Purchase the proper, authentic products, carefully customized for you by our licensed aesthetitician, Lea.

Thanksgiving Is Just Around the Corner:  Here at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, we have always stated that gratitude is our attitude. We appreciate our patients and friends year round, but we take a few moments to wish you a glowing holiday season of gratitude as we prepare for our Thanksgiving Holiday.

Holiday Skincare Magic!

Get Your Skin Glowing with our special Obagi Holiday Kit containing two vital products to reinvigorate your skin and polish your Holiday glow. For the low cost of $139.00, the amazing kit includes:Orlando Cosmetic Surgery brings you OBAGI glow.

1. Elastiderm Complete Complex Eye Serum will invigorate the delicate skin around your eye area, and minimize puffiness due to a busy holiday schedule of preparations. Experts call this a “personal Pick-me-up” for eyes. Our normal price for this product alone is $112.00

Visit this online resource to learn more about the break-through technology and natural ingredients behind this product. To learn more, visit this helpful resource.

2. Hydrate Luxe moisture night cream will enhance the smoothness of your skin with rejuvenating hydration. Customized for your skin type,this wholesome Obagi product can be further explored by visiting this reliable online source. Normally priced at $109.00

We work with Obagi to bring you this authentic value, the perfect Holiday Kit for yourself or a friend, and we know you can see the savings. Savings like these are our way of thanking you for preparing your skin for your seasonal Holiday glow!

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