We interrupt the conclusion of our four-part Shopper’s Guide To Breast Augmentation to bring you a red alert about your summer skin-care.Time To Refresh Summer Skin With an Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Medi-Spa Facial

The idea of an endless summer has been an attractive fantasy for generations, but the truth is, endless summer sun, wind and water would be very hard on your skin.

Likewise, it’s easy to lose track of time in the glorious summer days here in the Orlando sun, but the future is rushing toward us, quickly carrying “Back to School,” preparations, and Fall Holidays. Believe it or not, Fall shopping and holiday activities are just around the corner, and the Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Medi-Spa knows you’ll want your skin to help you look your best.

The OxyLight Facial:  Refreshment for Your Summer Skin

The concerned staff of the Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Med-Spa does not want you to sacrifice the beauty of your skin to these last days of summer. Remember you can not always detect environmental damage with the naked eye. In fact, it is time to rejuvenate and refresh your skin after the abuse of this summer’s sun and wind on delicate cells.

We encourage you to reinvigorate your summer-damaged skin with the state-of -the art Oxylight facial.

As we stated in the past, we love this skin therapy system because it uses natural components to treat your skin: Light, Oxygen and Micro-current.

Our Oxylight facials go hand-in-glove with the natural ways our skin rejuvenates itself. Take a look below at the three features involved in an Oxylight Facial at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery.

LED Wavelengths of Light:

This gentle therapy utilizes wavelengths of LED light to demolish harmful bacteria. Unlike the harmful waves of sunlight, these waves of light–part of our Red Carpet OxyLight facial–encourage collagen production and oxygenate your skin cells.

As a result, your skin will feel and appear tighter.

Orlando Cosmetic Surgery offers OxyLight Facials With Expert Aesthetician.

It sounds like science fiction, but clinical studies have proven that waves of Red, Blue and Yellow light, combined with micro-current, oxygen, and vitamin exfoliation will improve the health of your skin.

Likewise, the OxyLight Micro-current stimulates your skin’s natural healing process at the cellular level. It is micro-current therapy that will tone muscles.

Not only does it aid in infusing the revitalizing serums applied by our asthetician, but it also stimulates lymphatic flow.

What your friends will notice is a difference in the contour, lift and tightness of your skin.

Your skin texture will radiate a new, younger appearance. At Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Medi-Spa, all you will have to do is relax, while enjoying your OxyLight therapy.

Diamond Micro-dermabrasion:

The Oxylight facial also includes micro-dermabrasion, but in the hands of our talented aesthetician, Lea, this amazingly gentle, diamond micro-dermabrasion tip is distinctive.

First of all, it is pain-free. Secondly, it is crystal-free, and thirdly it is suction-free. This micro-dermabrasion permits your skin cells to have easier access to the light and the oxygen of what we call our Red Carpet Facial here at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Medi-Spa.

With the OxyLight system, ambient air can be transformed into 95% pure oxygen. Our aesthetician, Lea, personally customizes selective skin nutrients and vitamins infused with this special oxygen to create different penetrating serums.

A Special End-of Summer Invitation

A Special Ending To Summer With Orlando Cosmetic Surgery

We want everyone to have the chance to experience Oxylight in our Red Carpet Facial. That is why we have selected it as a very special end-of-summer offer.

This Treatment is combined with micro-dermal abrasion, high pressure oxygen spray, micro current, LED light therapy, antioxidants, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid combination, which leave the skin feeling extremely hydrated, radiant andyouthful!

Here at the end of a gorgeous summer, take some time for yourself–replenish your skin, and face the Fall beautifully!

Orlando Cosmetic Surgery invites you to enjoy your OxyLight facial at $130. This is a savings of $50 through the month of August!

However, don’t let time pass you by, because when August ends, so does this end-of-summer Special.

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