A winter holiday for skin! from Orlando Cosmetic Surgery.Although Thanksgiving 2014 is past history now, there are still some beautiful Winter holidays ahead. In our previous blog, we shared some basic hints for getting your skin in good shape, even if you spend a winter holiday in a colder climate.

This week, we want to re-introduce you to professional aesthetic treatments at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, so you can naturally intensify your winter holiday glow.

A few short months ago, Orlando Cosmetic Surgery welcomed you to the Sapphire 3 Oxylight System. As we pause before the arrival of more holidays, we note that the change of seasons can be a good time to treat your skin to special refreshment.

See The Light Of Skin Rejuvenation!

The Sapphire 3 Oxylight System will refresh your skin, restoring a radiance which will rejuvenate your look for the coming holiday gatherings of this joyous season.

As we have explained previously, our Oxylight treatments will provide your skin with relaxing, non-invasive rejuvenation.

In the hands of our professional aesthetician, Lea Spoto, the Sapphire 3 System utilizes simple, natural wavelengths of light three scientific ways:

1. …The light gently promotes the production of collagen.

2. …The light will not harm skin cells, but it destroys harmful bacteria,

3. …The Oxylight System will oxygenate while softly tightening loose, slack or puffy skin.

In your Oxylight Session, not only will light waves bring you the benefits above, but you will enjoy the relaxing, gentle microcurrent, life-giving oxygen, and highly beneficial vitamin exfoliation.

The Oxylight’s unique, amazingly gentle, diamond micro-abrasion tip is the secret to perfect exfoliation.

Glittering girl for the holiday, from Orlando Cosmetic Surgery

This tool is uniquely pain-free, crystal-free, and suction-free.

The Oxylight can “painlessly ablate the skin’s outer most surface layers. The result is an immediate improvement in the skin’s texture, tone and appearance.”

The ABC’s of Your Holiday glow by The Sapphire 3 Oxylight Session

The Oxylight Session will create your Holiday glow because it will:

A. …infuse your facial skin cells with healthy nutrients.

B. …stimulate the muscle tone of the bundles of muscle cells just beneath the surface of the skin of your face,

C. …and increase ATP production.

By definition, experts tell us, “ATP includes all cellular activity, DNA replication, regeneration and healing, collagen and elastin synthesis, neurotransmission, and of course, muscle contraction. As the skin is the largest organ of the body, and is living, it too requires massive amounts of ATP to thrive, regenerate and renew itself.”

In other words ATP makes it possible for cells to utilize the proteins and carbohydrates that you eat. “ATP is a multifunctional nucleotide that is essentially a storage facility or liaison for energy derived

from intake sources including carbohydrates, protein and fat, to be used for cellular functions of life.”

Experts add, “preventative aging and improved health begins with creating environments that support and maximize the synthesis of ATP.”

This includes the foods and supplements that we eat, the professional skin care technology that we use, and the topical products that we apply to our skin.

D.  …The Sapphire Oxylight will also motivate lymphatic flow.Clear, healthy skin from Oxylight and Orlando Cosmetic Surgery!

Behold the Beautiful Results!

There is no down time or recovery from this session. In fact, you will probably leave the office feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. The smoothing effects, the tightening, toning and improved appearance from an Oxylight Session is unrivalled by any other non-invasive system in an Aesthetician’s arsenal.

Go ahead and shine this Season! Let Orlando Cosmetic Surgery encourage your Holiday Glow, with the Sapphire 3 Oxylight Session.

This session is much more valuable to your beautiful holiday look than covering dull skin with glittery holiday make-up. The Sapphire 3 Oxylight Session reveals the natural, youthful qualities of your skin.

You might not realize it, but your skin is dreaming of a Sapphire Christmas!



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