ThermiTight is quietly changing the way women look at growing older.  With this advanced Rf technology many of our patients at Atiora Plastic Surgery Medspa are discovering that youthful skin helps them feel better about themselves. The RF waves that tighten up skin also seem to brighten up the soul.  The Rf treatments thus generate more than beauty.  They generate confidence within your expression.

ThermiTight and Secrets of Rf Technology

ThermiTight and desirable skin

Healthy skin is beautiful skin–at any age.

Recently, Rf technology appeared on the cosmetic surgery and dermatology scenes as an alternative to surgery and the downtime of recovery.  To patients, it seemed like the radio-wave generated heat technology just popped out of a genie’s enchanted lamp.  The truth is many years of research, science and training went into the careful growth of this technology. And every day we see it is much more than a genie with a magic lamp.

However, the technology does grant wishes, just as the old story Alladin’s Magic Lamp says.

Originally used only to generate heat in surgical applications, scientists know Rf technology can do much more. To put it briefly, Rf waves can stimulate tired, lazy, laid back cells to re-energize and begin creating that treasured protein known as collagen.

1.      What is ThermiTight?  It is a Controlled Subdermal Tissue Heating treatment that stimulates the body’s own mechanism to create collagen.

2.      What happens in a Procedure?  “During the ThermiTight® application, a tiny probe is used to gently heat specific tissues to a physician selected therapeutic temperature.  After the application, a gentle wrap is applied and you may resume normal activities the next day.”

ThermiTight and Mysteries of Collagen

ThermiTight® is like Magic Lamp–Make a wish for youthful skin!

If you watch television in the 20-21st century, you know a little bit about collagen.  Countless cosmetic company commercials have taught advertorial mini-lessons about its importance to skin.  Let’s take a deeper look:

1.      A Protein Story:  As time progresses, the treasured, protein so plentiful in youth, fades away the cells, “fibroblasts,”  responsible for producing it age and become far less active.   As a result, our skin can lose its volume and elasticity as time continues.

Discover more facts about the lives of fibroblasts at this convenient online resource. To put it technically, “Fibroblasts produce the glycosaminoglycans, collagens, elastic fibers, reticular fibres and glycoproteins that can be seen in the extracellular matrix. When tissue damage has occurred, the fibrocytes (fibroblasts) are stimulated to undergo mitosis or multiplication by replication and division.”

2.      Energizing The Fibroblasts:  ThermiTight® is the first FDA-cleared therapeutic Rf skin treatment.  With the careful targeting of certain areas through a pinpoint device, your healthcare professional delivers a message written in thermal energy:   “Calling all Fibroblasts!  It’s Time to Wake up and go to work again!”  They do.

3.      As a result of this treatment, the cells then begin revitalizing your skin with collagen which can tighten lax skin.  You do not need a magic lamp to see the beautiful effect.  Your skin is more taunt, better textured, and tighter.

And the beautiful part about this repair is your own body creates it.  Thus, the renewal of collagen is created by your own natural cells.  There is absolutely no drug or toxin injected into your skin.

4.      To put it simply, the radiofrequency device uses radio waves at meticulous heat settings, to target specific tissues. This interaction between your body and the Rf energy causes your tissues to react in a way that tightens your skin.

ThermiTight and Your Wished Results

Do you hate that middle-aged jazz that has your jawline?

You will hardly believe the youthful difference ThermiTight makes in your skin! 

Does a sulky sag mar your neckline?

Do crinkle crush your brow

If you answered just one of these questions “yes,” then ThermiTight® might be the perfect procedure for you!

All three of the above facial complaints can be addressed with 1-3 sessions of the ThermiTight procedure. And just wait until next week – when Altiora Plastic Surgery Med Spa and Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Med Spa bring you news of ThermiTight Body!

Spoiler Alert:  This is the revolutionary treatment for tightening thighs, abdomens, breasts and more! Basically, almost any  targeted area where age sits and sags, ThermiTight® and your own collagen can firm and tighten! It’s not magic; it’s science.

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