Sunscreen protection is a major issue, and Sarasota women are very aware of it.  However, how aware of skin protection are the men in our lives? Do they know that male skin cells are actually more fragile than female skin cells?

Happy Father's Day: Skin Protection and a Salute for Dad's Day

Sunscreen Protection is just as important to the skin of the men in your life as it is to yours.

Each year it has been our mission to salute fathers of every age for Father’s Day.  Likewise, Father’s Day Week-end is our customary kick-off for our mission to protect the skin of fathers and sons everywhere. And we are especially committed to protecting male skin here in the sun-sand-and-shore communities of Sarasota.

Facts behind Our Mission to Save Father’s Skin on Dad’s Day– and Every Day

Over the years we have gathered some amazing facts about masculine skin.  We are still shocked when we realize that nature protects male skin less than female skin.

We know sun damage ignites skin cancer in both male and female skin cells.  However, Dr. Tatiana M. Oberyszyn, assistant professor of pathology at Ohio State University in Columbus warns us, stating, “It’s well known that men are more likely to get skin cancer than women are.”

She notes that, “Men get twice the overall number of skin cancers, and three times more squamous cell carcinomas than women do…”

Of Mice, Men and Melanin:  Fascinating Research Experiment

Dr. Oberyszyn did not want to just quote the above facts. She also wanted to know why they were true. We have mentioned her experiments in a previous blog.

Sunscreen protection and a hat can help avoid skin cancer.

Hatcheck for Father’s Day: Does Your Guy Wear a Hat in the Sun?

But we thought this would be an appropriate time to give you a few more details about male skin and the value of sunscreen protection.

Thus, to test the theory that male skin cells are more sensitive to sun than female skin cells, Oberyszyn’s team embarked on a very interesting experiment. (No, they did not sunburn any men.)

However, they did expose a special breed of hairless mice, both males and females, to ultraviolet rays from a sun lamp. Needless to say, they did not apply sunscreen to the mice.

The mouse-sized tanning sessions took eight- to 10-minutes, three times a week for six months. Predictably, both the male and female mice developed skin cancers.

Sunscreen Protection:  Proof of Male Sensitivity to Sun

Dr. Oberyszyn shared the results of her study with Web MD. She reported,”We found males got skin tumors earlier, got more of them, and more of the tumors were severe.

Male skin cells of any age thirst for sunscreen protection.

The men in your life need sunscreen protection, regardless of their age.

They also discovered that “Tests of male and female mouse skin turned up a surprising finding:  The male skin cells carried fewer antioxidants than the female skin cells.”

Conclusions about Skin Exposure On Father’s Day

Once the researchers discovered the lack of antioxidants in male skin, they understood a very critical difference between male and female skin. One small difference is that females often add antioxidants to their skin with face creams.

You see, as Dr. Oberyszyn explained, “Our skin is exposed to both physical and environmental stimuli all the time.”

Because of these skin stressors, she added, “The immune system can overreact sometimes. You get overproduction of reactive oxygen species — and antioxidants protect against this.”

Thus the researchers made an important deduction:  Less antioxidants mean more sensitivity and irritation when exposed to the harmful rays of our beautiful Sarasota sun.

Therefore men are more susceptible to skin cell damage from the sun, and in even more need of sunscreen than women.

To make matters worse, men are more likely than women to have outdoor jobs. Likewise, they often fail to protect

How to Save a Man from Melanoma:  Teach him to use sunscreen protection.

their skin with sunscreen protection, shirts, and hats. Thus, between this rather macho ethic and the lack of antioxidants, male skin can become more likely to contract skin cancer than female skin.

A Message to the Ladies of Sarasota–and Everywhere:  Save Dad’s Skin.

Thus, we ask you to share our commitment for saving Dad’s skin, on Dad’s Day and every day.  Our thought- provoking message is that every day brings our men danger from the rays of the sun.

Now we understand that Sarasota summer life is busy. And with all that is going on, it is easy to forget about skin protection. This article represents our hope you will make an effort to pay attention to sunscreen protection, not only for yourself, but for the men you love.

You see, it is not enough to purchase high-quality sunscreen for the men in our lives, but we must remind our fathers, sons, brothers, cousins and friends to actually use the sunscreen protection cream on their faces.

We feel that women must remember that many men simply are not accustomed to using sunscreen or antioxidant creams, or anything at all,  to preserve their skin.  We urge you and the men you love to realize that sunscreen  is not a matter of vanity. It’s a health concern.

Melanoma Concern for Men:  Let’s Review Some Facts and Stats

Just in case you do not remember the high risk disease men can get through excessive skin exposure, let’s check out some of the numbers concerning melanoma.

“Melanoma is the least common but the most deadly skin cancer…” It accounts for only 1% of all skin cancer cases. But it is responsible for the vast majority of skin cancer death.

Read On:  This Information Could Affect A Man You Love

This year, authorities estimate that there will be 100,350 new cases of melanoma in the United States.

Protect yourself from melanoma with sunscreen.

Melanoma is a bigger threat to men than women.

6,850 people will die from the disease. And now, we come to the big surprise statistics:

  1. 60,190 cases of invasive melanoma will occur in males.
  2. 40,160 cases of invasive melanoma will occur in females.

Older Men are at Risk:  So let’s also investigate the age factor:

  1. More women than men get the disease before the age of 50,
  2. However, by age 65, the disease revs up its attack on males. In this age group, “rates in men double those in women,
  3. And by age 80 they are triple.”

Seeing those statistics, we think you might better understand why we launch a crusade for sunscreen protection every single Father’s Day.

Sarasota, Altiora and Sunscreen Protection for the Men in Your Life

Now, we would be remiss if we did not mention that here at Altiora, Dr. Orlando Cicilioni has developed our own formula for sunscreen, named Melanine Shade. It protects both men and women from the Sarasota sun. However, there is nothing feminine about its scent or packaging.  (We must ask you, “What’s in your Father’s Day shopping bag?)

Beyond Protection:  Sunscreen gives Male Skin a Super-Power

On Father’s Day, and all summer long here, families and Dads will be celebrating Father’s Day in the bright Sarasota Sun. We will be on the beaches, in the parks and in our own backyards.  Please join our crusade to make our men mindful of the fact they are at risk from the harmful rays of the sun.

If women can remind them to use it, then sunscreen will give the men in our lives the special super power of protection from the villainous rays of the sun. Plus it will empower them to defeat statistics.

Our Sarasota Father’s Day Salute

So, Happy Father’s Day Week!  We would be remiss if we did not invite you to stop by Altiora Plastic Surgery and Med Spa St. Albans Circle, Sarasota, and discover more information about the effects of sun on skin, male and female.

In our sea-sun-and-shore environment, we all need to remember the vital importance of sunscreen protection in our fight against melanoma and other skin cancers.  Find out more at this important online resource.

One final note, on Dad’s Day, for all the father’s out there, and especially the ones in Sarasota:

Like a Lighthouse guides ships, a father can light your way through life.

Although we have used this quote to celebrate fathers previously, we just could not find a better one to express our tender regard for fathers and father figures:

“A  father is neither an anchor to hold us back nor a sail to take us there, but a guiding light whose love shows us the way.”

–Author Unknown

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