Oxylight Therapy by Orlando Cosmetic Surgery brings you new life for your skin! Whether you are actually planning a Red Carpet event this spring in Orlando or you just want that Red Carpet feeling, Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Med Spa has a luxurious Red Carpet experience for your skin: The Sapphire Oxylight Facial Treatment.

The technology behind this treatment is changing the face of medical spa treatments all over the world.  You might be surprised that it is non-invasive.  That’s right–it uses no incisions,

scalpels or drugs, and it is actually relaxing.

If you have never experienced Oxylight, we are certain you will be amazed at the visible results after just one session.

What is the Oxylight Facial Treatment?

The therapy, which we call the Red Carpet Facial will rejuvenate and refresh any dull, dry winter damage you have collected through our winter season.  Amazingly, this facial treatment restores not only the appearance of your skin, but the actual health of your skin cells.

There is no doubt that winter is hard on our skin.  Now is the time for you to rejuvenate it so you can look your best for the wonderful events of spring.

Whether you are a participant or a guest, we predict weddings, showers, graduations and parties that are just around the corner in your future–And there certainly is nothing wrong with looking youthful and refreshed for your son’s or daughter’s prom, even if you are not a chaperone!

The Red Carpet Secret To Velvety Skin–The Natural Way!

We have told you previously that we love this therapy system because it uses natural ways to replenish and enliven your skin cells.

To put it simply, Light, Oxygen and Microcurrent compliment the normal ways our bodies repair themselves.

First–Wonderful Wavelengths of Light:

The Oxylight therapy uses simple light waves to encourage collagen production.  They also demolish harmful bacteria.  Powerfully but gently, these waves of light oxygenate and tighten your skin.  You will see an improvement in texture and contour.

Did you know clinical studies have proven waves of Red, Blue and Yellow LED Light, microcurrent, oxygen, and vitamin exfoliation will improve the health of your skin cells?  You will find all of these elements in the Sapphire 3 Oxylight therapy.  This treatment has become a hallmark of excellence at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery.

Likewise, the OxyLight microcurrent will stimulate the healing process inherent in your skin cells.  Microcurrent will also:

  • Tone facial muscles,
  • Infuse nutrients and serums,
  • And stimulate lymphatic flow.

Second–Dazzling Diamond Microdermabrasion:

Celebrate spring with beautiful skin from Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Clinic.

Imagine gentle microdermabrasion without the discomfort of suction and painful abrasive crystals.  The Sapphire Oxylight customized diamond micro-abrasion tip can “painlessly ablate the skin’s outer most surface layers.  The result is an immediate improvement in the skin’s texture, tone and appearance.”

The unique microdermabrasion system will cause your skin to become more accepting of the oxygen and light therapies.

Your microdermabrasion can lessen:

age spots and black heads…

patches of darkened skin…

Our clients at Orlando Cosmetic Clinic Med Spa love the way it can even reduce fine lines, light scars, and large pores.

Plus, this is the revolutionary tool that has changed the way we treat acne and acne scars forever…

Check out some of the results in photos at the Sapphire 3 Oxylight Therapy technology company’s online resource.

Third–The Pleasing Power of Oxygen:

The Oxylight technology “takes ambient air and changes it to 95% pure oxygen.”

This makes it possible to infuse anti-aging nutrients, vitamins and oxygen into serums that will bring you a healing and relaxing sensation.

Without going into a technical explanation, oxygen is infused with vitamins and serums.  As it is applied to the skin, you will experience relaxation and a healing sensation that is often difficult for our clients to put into words.

We are so eager for you to try this wonderful treatment that we are having a March Madness Special.

Watch for our “Happy Spring!”  e-mail!  It will bring you all the details, or call our professional, licensed aesthetician, Lea, to learn all about arranging your Oxylight Therapy.

After Oxylight and our Red Carpet Treatment, you will feel like going to a red carpet event without even wearing make-up.

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