Smiling lips that are attractive in your mirror and on your selfies are important important to your social confidence.

Smiling Lips Deserve A Little Pampering.

You have Surgical and Non-Surgical Options to Improve Your Smiling Lips.

We totally realize that 21st century concept here at Altiora, your Saratoga sanctuary for health, self-care and beauty.

Today we bring you Part II of our special special series on lips. Our previous blog was interrupted by the breaking news of freshly reported trends in the New Year. So now we return to the two part series we had begun, and we dedicate Part II to your Sarasota Smile. You might want to review the beautiful options for your lips we discussed in Part I, Lip Enhancement Update 2019: Kissable 

We noted the beauty of Vobella XC, an extremely popular lip enhancer, which is a filler.   We can use it to restore or create a beautiful contour for your lip-line.

Vobella is a form of hyaluronic acid (HA) suspended in a gel. You must remember it also contains the comforting local anesthetic, Lidocaine.

We noted that you have probably heard of Hyaluronic acid in various recent television commercials or reports. It’s become a very popular ingredient in many cosmetic creams cosmoceuticals.

Smiling Lips:  The Surgical Way

The surgical way to permanently eliminate upper lip thinness and achieve a beautiful upper lip pout is through a lip lift.  In this procedure the surgeon begins with a delicate incision around the base of your nose. Then he re

Beautiful, full lips are always in style.

Fear Not the Gummy Smile after a Delicate Surgical or Non-Surgical Procedure Brings Confidence.

moves a tiny bit of skin, and sculpts in a lift of the lip towards the nose.

By doing this surgically, the surgeon gives you a larger, more pouty upper lip.  After surgery, you upper lip will have a gently larger height and will also have a more visible pout.

We have no doubt you will love the subtle difference this delicate surgical procedure will make in your smiling lips. Likewise you might find a new confidence in your ability to reveal your smile.

A Special Note for Older Smiling Lips

This procedure is also a beautiful option for older patients. Perhaps you have noticed the distance between the base of your nose and your upper lip has lengthened. This can happen in the normal process of aging and time. The surgical lifting of this area can not only provide a pout but can also be used to achieve a more youthful appearance.”

“As people age, particularly women, the lip frequently lengthens and the sculpted look of the lip is lost…”ASPS Member Surgeon John E. Gatti, MD.Gatti, stated. And he added, “Lip shortening surgery, or a lip lift, restores a youthful shape to the lip. The procedure involves removing a small strip of skin at the base of the nose. Lip asymmetry is addressed by adjusting the amount of skin removed.”

Although 89% of the women who were surveyed reported they were pleased with the results of this procedure, sometimes called lip shortening instead of lifting,  it is still not really advertised much.   So, now you know about it.

Neurotoxin injections (Botox) Cure Many Subtle Problems with Smiling Lips and Puny Pouts

Suppose you want an elegant pout in your upper lip but do not want to use surgery or a filler. In that case, your doctor or a qualified health care professional could inject a neurotoxin into your upper lip.

He or she will inject a minuscule amount of neurotoxin with careful precision, into the mid-portion of your upper lip. Within a few days you will discover a subtle pout in your upper lip.

As you might suspect, the Botox relaxes the muscles in upper lip.  You will see the little “pout”  However, do not expect this type of treatment to last more than 3-4 months. Just make a follow-up appointment in advance so you do not lose your elegant little pout.

Fighting the “Gummy” Look in Your Smile and Lips

In the newest Lip enhancement report, the writers pay much attention to the “gummy smile. We feel that part of your natural expression is inhibited if you are self conscious about your smile.  We have seen patients cover their smiling lips because of the amount of gums they show. Thus they say they have a gummy smile.  To treat this condition, again we can turn to Botox if you do not want surgery. The doctor or health care professional will inject

Valentine beauty and health begins Kissable Lips.

Time for Smiling Lips: Valentine’s Day is Just Around the Corner.

special doses of the neurotoxin into the upper lip, and the skin just above your upper lip. This will relax the muscles that are pulling the lip up and revealing that pesky upper gum line.

It might take several days, but soon, your gummy smile will stop.  Don’t worry, your smiling lips will still create their happy expression. But they will no longer reveal your gums. This procedure does not affect your ability to smile, but rather allows your upper lip to drop to cover your gums. These results last about 3-4 months.

Surgical or Non-surgical Options for your Smiling Lips

With today’s options, you no longer have to accept condemnation of thin lips, gummy smiles, or lips that are disproportionate to your face.  With careful and compassionate attention, your plastic surgeon will be able to discuss all of the most aesthetically pleasing options for you.

And don’t worry, with Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medispa, you can keep your Sarasota smiling lips plump, plush and appealing, even if you are a little pouty.

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