Lip enhancement continues to be popular even as we approach a positively kissable New Year’s Eve, 2019.  Even more significant than that midnight New Year’s Kiss, remember our most kissable holiday, Valentine’s Day, is just around the corner.

Lip Enhancement can bring magic to your confidence

Prepare Yourself for a Beautiful New Year’s Eve.

In keeping with the above mentioned upcoming Holidays and with special kisses being in the headlines, lips are the perfect topic for this time of year.

Lip Enhancement for 2019:  Confidence and Beauty

Some lip procedures require more planning than others.  So let’s review and refresh an inventory of popular procedures for ladies who wish to have or to improve a perfectly plush pout.

In fact, the American Society of Plastic Surgery just issued this report.  “Whether you have a “gummy” smile, wrinkles above your lips, downturned corners of your mouth or just want a luscious pout, there is an option to enhance your lips.”

Lip Enhancement In Dramatic Demand:  Dermal Fillers

Just last year, we detailed the story of Vobella XC, our most popular lip enhancer.   can restore or create a beautiful contour for your lips.

is a form of hyaluronic acid (HA) suspended in a gel.  It also contains the comforting local anesthetic, Lidocaine.  You’ve probably heard of Hyaluronic acid in various recent television commercials or reports.

We’ve noticed people wince as soon as they hear the word acid.

Lip Enhancement is More than Glamour. It's Confidence.

Lip Enhancement is Far Superior to Lipstick and Rhinestones.

Fear not.  As we told you in previous blogs, hyaluronic acid is a gentle substance that actually resides in the sugar of the human body. Properly injected into the skin, this substance goes on a rejuvenating mission.

Hyaluronic acid and specifically Volabella XC distributes special nutrients to the lips.  This helps the lips retain moisture, shape, and softness.

  1. Our clients are reporting that this type of filler usually lasts from 4-10 months.
  2. The latest reports indicate, with the techniques of 2019 agree.  “Using hyaluronic acid fillers with different types of cross-linking will allow your lip results to last a little longer, typically 6-12 months.”

2019 Lip Enhancement:  Fat Grafting A Longer-Lasting Option

One longer lasting lip enhancement is called fat grafting.  This process uses your body’s own fat.  We know, it sounds outrageous. However, it is natural and our clients love the long-lasting results.

1.   This lip beautifying procedure begins “by obtaining fat through liposuction.”

2.  Then the fat cells are carefully filtered and processed on the fat cells.

3.  At last, the surgeon injects your own fat cells into your lips, so your lips can be shaped.”

4.  Basically, when you choose this option, your own fat cells become the filler for your lips.

Why Patients Love Fat Grafting

One of the biggest advantages of fat grafting is that it lasts for years.  Currently, according to the Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, “this the most durable option for lip enhancement.”  Likewise, patients often remark, “It’s such a natural choice.”

Fighting Fine Lines, Smokers Lines or “Purse String” Lines Around the Lips

Fillers can shape and Contour your Lips.

Fillers Can Bring Youth and plushness to lips.

Simple age, genetics or an old smoking habit can cause vertical lines around the lips.  A skilled plastic surgeon can gently place Juvederm Volbella XC or another type of filler into the lines.  This softens or eliminates them.  The effect remains 6-10 months, sometimes a little longer.  Why?  Your body absorbs dermal fillers over time.

Skin Re-surfacing Enhancement for Lips:  More Option for Fine Lines Around the Lips

As we have reported previously, skin Resurfacing is another option to destroy fine lines.  Erase those lines or at least soften them.  You can do this with resurfacing procedures like chemical peels or laser work.  And we also remind you of our radio-frequency options such as our amazing Thermi-Smooth.  Again, your choice for new lip looks in 2019 is up to your surgeon and you.

Making Choices about your Lip Life

Which option you should use for your special 2019 Lip look?  This is a decision only your doctor can make after consultation.  Your case is individualized.  And only your doctor will help you understand how skin texture, sensitivity, elasticity, and structure should dictate your decision.

These procedures will cause the skin around your lips to exfoliate.  So,  new skin below will be revealed.  The new skin is smoother and has fewer wrinkles.

Regardless of how your skin is exfoliated, the above gently invasive procedures will probably have a little longer recovery time than any injectable filler product.  Of course, the advantage of skin resurfacing is that the results might last for more months or years.  You will only require occasional re-treatment to touch up “your look.”

Options Are Key to Choosing Your Lip Enhancement

As we move towards New Years, the option of Juvederm Volbella XC has been very popular with our clients.  Its remarkable staying power and quick results are obviously the reasons.  However, once again we encourage you to discuss your options with your plastic surgeon.  And, make a plan that extends into the New Year.  Together, you and your surgeon and the professional healthcare staff of Altiora Plastic Surgery and Medspa can keep your lips looking fresh and confident throughout the years.

The 2019 Gifts of Volbella for New Year’s, Valentines and Beyond

JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA® XC injectable gel also “produces long-lasting results at the treatment site.”  It has quickly become a beloved product for artistic, board-certified cosmetic surgeons and the specially trained professionals on th4.  Contour:  With Volbella XC, the shape of your lips retains, gains or regains plumpness and yet stays soft and plush.  And we might add, it is natural for you.

Lip Enhancement offers many surgical and non-surgical options.

Discuss Your Lip Enhancement Options With Your Doctor.

In our hands, Volbella, injected with art and precision will give your lips:

1.   Redefinition: Youthful redefinition of the philtrum.  That is the cute little dent just above the center of the upper lip, the heart of contour and lift.

2.   Volume:  Juvederm Volbella XC is Volumizing, bringing youthful plushness to the upper and lower lips.   Yes, just in time for New Year’s kisses and Valentine confidence, Volbella XC restores your ability to pout with pleasure!

3.   Commissures:   No one wants this problem: time, weather and genetics, curls the corners of the mouth.  Those corners named the “commissures,” wilt, droop, and curl downward.  They might gap with laxness and lose definition.

With Juvederm Volbella XC injectable gel, the commissures of the mouth regain a youthful lift and turn ever so slightly upward.

4.  Contour:  With Volbella XC, the shape of your lips retains, gains or regains plumpness and yet stays soft and plush, and we might add, natural to you.

Your Lip Enhancement Procedure JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA® XC:

  • Your trained professional is located at Altiora Plastic Surgery and Medspa, Sarasota.  She will inject crystal clear Juvederm Volbella XC, into and around your lips.
  • To lessen your anxiety about the needles, be aware the needle used in this procedure is ultra-fine.

Lip Enhancement and Smokers or Purse-string Lips!

As we quoted previously, when “Applied meticulously, the Volbella XC enhances the lips with youthful plumpness.  Likewise, this amazing product will also enrich the lips by smoothing out the appearance of troublesome vertical lines around the mouth.   This cosmetic effect is especially pleasing to patients over the age of 21.

A Few More Notes About Vobella XC in 2019

As it continues to be radically popular in 2019, we want our patients to know the injections for Vobella XC in the lips brings only minimum discomfort and recovery time.  You see, that is because of lidocaine mentioned above.

Lip Enhancement can imbue your smile with confidence for 2019 .

Start the New Year with a Confident Smile

It improves the comfort of the injection, softening the sting, and reducing your possible sensitivity to pain.  And, by the way, again we remind you that the proper needles are very tiny.

Likewise, compared to many other methods, lip enhancement with Juvederm Volbella XC has less excessive swelling immediately after treatment.

A Special Note from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons:  “When it comes to your face and health, be sure you’ve researched the procedure and never cut any corners.”  And they added, “All patients do not require, nor should they have the same facial ( or lip) rejuvenation procedures.  Every patient is individual and unique – and their treatment should be too.”

In our next Altiora blog, we will explore surgical and non-surgical corrections for the “gummy” smile, which brings a few more challenges for correction.

Remember Altiora Winter Skin Warnings When You Celebrate Your New Year’s Holiday

Until then, although we are spot-lighting lips for 2019 and upcoming kissable holidays, please do not neglect your skin.  Please treat your face with wonderful Altiora Melanin Shade sunscreen and your customized choice of  Altiora moisturizers—why?

Lip Enhancement might be your way to find your Sarasota Sunrise Smile.

Sarasota Beaches Greet the New Year with Sunshine and Smiles.

Because the Sarasota Winter overcast days can be deceiving.  Harmful rays still emanate from the sun in spite of the cooler temperatures.

Likewise, When you walk on our cool Sarasota beaches, light winds, blowing sand and outdoor fire-pits can dry your face.  Indoors, heaters and fireplaces can still dry out your delicate facial skin cells.  Protect your face with proper moisturizing.

So, the owners and staff of Altiora Plastic Surgery wish you A Kissable, Happy New Year!  And get ready for a fabulous Valentine Day.  Fear not the smiles or the kisses of either holiday.  Altiora Plastic Surgery and Medspa can get you ready to put your best lips forward in 2019.

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