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This is the time of year when shoppers often call us about giving cosmetic surgery as a gift.

With the advent of non-surgical procedures such as Botox and Juvederm, and with the opening of our wonder Orlando Med Spa, the giving of beauty and youth has never been easier.

It must always be remembered that although cosmetic surgery has become common, it is still surgery with all of its risks.  Here at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery we always “stress that the decision to have a cosmetic procedure is a

very individual one and is always ultimately up to the patient and her/his surgeon.”

The Orlando Cosmetic Surgery: A Four Step Gift Guide

May beautiful gifts of health and beauty be yours in 20161.  Avoid Making Surgery a Surprise Gift: If a loved one has confided in you, shared their interest in, for example, blepharoplasty, then chances are, your loved one  might have already met our staff, and perhaps even had a consultation with Dr. Cicilioni.

At that point in the process, if you have had a heart-to-heart talk with your loved one, and you have the kind of budget that allows it, she would probably be delighted if you placed an Orlando Cosmetic Surgical Gift-Check in her Holiday card, toward her procedure.

If the above is not the case, then keep in mind that cosmetic surgery is probably the most intimate gift you can give to a loved one, and if there is any possibility she would take offense, then such a gift is out of the question.

“If the prospective patient is interested in a procedure or service, hopefully he or she will confirm that desire.  If they aren’t interested in a service at all, then pushing the issue is not a good idea.”

Dr. Scot Glasberg, a private practice plastic surgeon based in New York City, and past president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, said he sees procedures being gifted all the time, but usually the patient has already

Maintain your winter skincare with the help of Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Med Spa.

had a consultation and has independently decided to have work done.

The third-party is only involved in the payment part, not the decision to do it.”

2.  Do A Little Research: Once you are committed to giving such a gift of beauty and youth, you need to know more about it.  “The next step is likely a little bit of research to get some idea of what procedures or products are available to address the patient’s concerns and also to find the names of reputable, responsible doctors in your community who offer these services.”

(Indeed, if your friend has made her decision to see if a surgical procedure is right for her, but not yet chosen a surgeon,  you will find no better than our own Dr. Orlando Cicilioni, here at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery.)

Likewise you could us the ASPS Find-a-Surgeon tool.   This is a great resource, because it reassures both the gift-giver and the patient that “the doctor is a board certified plastic surgeon who’s qualified to perform cosmetic procedures.”

3.  An Important Caveat: “Even if the patient is a suitable candidate for a desired procedure, it is still critical to review the risks of that procedure and have the patient understand them before embarking on any procedure.”

Here at Orlando Cosmetic surgery we feel that only during “consultation, can the doctor determine that the patient is suitable for the surgery of her dreams.”   Your loved one should be fully aware of potential risks or downsides, and possesses the knowledge and “the free will to make the choice of whether or not to have the procedure.”

4. Explore the Options: As we hinted at in our introduction, there are options to full-blown invasive surgery, through our amazing Medi-spa.  If Botox and fillers, micro-channeling and derma-planing sounds too “medical” for a personal gift, you can give your loved one a gift of healthy pampering.  She will certainly enjoy any one of our facial peels or our awesome Sapphire Oxylight Red Carpet Facial.  Keep in mind that Lea, our professional licensed aesthetician can also evaluate your friend’s skin.

With your gift-check on file, she can prescribe the perfect treatment for your friend.

One Last Minute Gift!

You probably already know what a gorgeous gift our OBAGI Holiday Kit of special moisturizers would be.  Although we have a limited quantity of those, we are happy to report that at this time there are still a few available.

If you can not decide on a product or a procedure for your friend, we suggest you give a gift-check for the Obagi products that Lea personally recommends.  A skincare session is a way of giving your loved one encouragement and permission to pamper herself a little.  Help her reveal her most youthful and beautiful self, not simply for the Holiday, but for everyday.

A Special Holiday Greeting

There is a saying, “Life’s most beautiful things are not seen with the eyes, but felt with the heart.”

Whether you are planning the celebration of Christmas, Hanukah or Kwanza, or New Year’s,

we are wishing you, a true Season of the Heart.

It is also  said that the magic of the holidays never ends…and its greatest gifts are family and friends.

From our Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Family to Yours,

May you be blessed with Laughter, Love and Light,

During this Wonderful Season.

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