Normally we write about surgical procedures and plastic surgery news here at the Orlando cosmetic Surgery Blog, but today we bring you something a little different. Today we will talk to you about summer skin treatments.

We have written previously about the benefits of the skin treatments at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Med Spa, but the violent assault of the summer season on our skin-cells has compelled us to address it once again. There is no question that the seductive power of our golden Florida sunshine can lure us away from good sun-screen habits and good skin care habits.

As summer continues to heat up, it is more and more essential that we take good care of our skin. Our daily treatment regime is important, but professional attention, analysis and treatment is equally important.

Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Med Spa, under the direction of Licensed Aesthetician, Lea Spotto, supports the finest in cutting edge skin treatments. The skin procedures, equipment and fine products by Image unite medicine with art and beauty to make your skin look healthy, smooth, luminous and young. Visit our Spring Tips for Glowing Skin article and discover more details.

The Red Carpet Facial with Oxylight

We hope you did not miss our article on the benefits of the Sapphire Oxylight. Please review our information, and strongly consider this non-invasive, totally natural, exfoliation and LED Light Therapy treatment.

At Orlando cosmetic Surgery, it continues to be a favorite treatment for patients as well as staff. We suggest you read all about it in this clear, concise and informative article. In addition to working at a cellular level to ignite the natural healing process, the Sapphire Oxylight dispenses microcurrent therapy which stimulates muscle toning.

This treatment allows for the deep infusion of serums and nutrients. Likewise, it increases ATP production and stimulates lymphatic flow, which means long-lasting results. After a few treatment sessions, patients report a lifting and tightening of their skin and a glowing texture to their complexion.

Other favorite treatments to delight and take care of your skin include:

Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Skin treatments are for all ages.


This is a very effective exfoliating treatment in which Lea delicately, quickly and painlessly removes dead skin surface cells and the vellus hair of the face. In case you didn’t know, derma-planing has been proven to reveal your most radiant skin.

Micro-channeling Skin Pen:

Dubbed “Fountain of Youth in a Pen,” by Good Morning America, this instrument in skilled hands, has been said to be the newest Breakthrough in Anti-Aging Treatments. “It stimulates your skin’s natural ability to heal itself.” Do you have acne scars or sun damage? This is a great treatment for you.

It also treats fine lines and wrinkles as well as stretch marks, lax skin and large pores. Check out before and after pictures at this Good Morning America Video, to see the youth and vitality this amazing machine can accomplish.

Micro-channeling is a kind, gentle form of micro-needling.

Again, a great deal of success depends on the hands of a skilled and talented aesthetician like Lea Spoto.

Administered by her capable, conscientious touch, along with topical anesthetic cream, this treatment brings you a fresh luminosity and younger looking skin.

We give you one caution: no product, therapy or treatment is more important than profusely slathering on your sunscreen daily, even if you only walk from your car into an office building. Check out our other skin care tips, and learn to enjoy your skin, no matter what your age!


We know you would not forget Dad!  Father’s Day is June 21st! It is the traditional day to recognized nurturing, caring men who perform wonderfully in fatherly roles.




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