This blog has been quietly telling you for weeks that something special was coming to Orlando Cosmetic Surgery. Now, the doctors and staff welcome you to the Summer of Your Most Amazing Skin! The secret is out!

It’s All About Oxylight!

Brought to you with our newest equipment, The Oxylight Sapphire 3 System, this Summer, 2014,  will be Your Sapphire Summer!

With the state-of-the art Oxylight treatments, your skin will experience a relaxing, non-invasive rejuvenation. Amazingly, you will see and feel a glowing difference in your skin within even one session of our Oxylight Therapy.

How Does This New Sapphire3 System Treatment Work? It isn’t magic; it’s science, but your mirror will say magic!

During your soothing session, our new professional aesthetician, Lea Spoto, will utilize wavelengths of light to:

1. …Gently promote collagen production,

2. …destroy harmful bacteria,

3. …oxygenate and gently tighten the skin.

Best of all, the Oxylight treatments rely entirely on Natural methods!  

Simply stated, the Saphire3 System and your Oxylight session blend light waves with tender micro-current, life-giving oxygen, and highly beneficial vitamin exfoliation.

Do you know the benefits of micro-current therapy? These imperceptible currents have the ability to:

1. …stimulate muscle tone,

2. …help infuse nutrients,

3. …increase ATP production,

4. …and stimulate lymphatic flow.

What Are The Results?

You will see a beautiful improvement in the contour, health and appearance of your younger looking skin.

We invite you to use these advanced treatments if your mirror is revealing fine lines, wrinkles, acne and rosacea, pigmentation problems, and sagging skin.

Our new professional esthetician, Lea Spoto will combine her talent and experience to introduce your skin to unmatched smoothing, tightening, and toning.

So, What Is Our Secret Invitation?

If you are among the first fifty clients who phone Orlando Cosmetic Surgery within the next few days,

and you ask for our Sapphire Summer Special, we will award you with an introductory price for your session.

Please call us soon; like sapphires, these specially priced, introductory sessions are very precious.


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