Oxylight:  Altiora reminds you that your skin might have to forgive you a lot for your Sarasota Summer skincare. This is especially true when we think about the times we broke healthy skincare rules.

Oxylight can help. Will your skin forgive you for the fun you had this at our beautiful Sarasota beaches this summer?  The Sapphire3 Oxylight treatment will help.  We’ve reported on Oxylight previously, but we thought you’d enjoy a special reminder about this treatment.

Oxylight takes dryness from your temples and lightens lines and shadows.

Wipe Away Your Summer Skin Headaches with the Oxylight Treatment

An Oxylight Update!

Are all the windswept, sand-swept, heat-dried, sun-exposed little skin cells going to forgive you for the time you forgot your sunscreen?

The Oxylight Treatment will help you repair the damage.  It will help your skin forgive you for those nights you were too tired to remove your make-up or apply your night moisturizer.

The Back-to-school schedule has heralded fall.  And our short autumn season is ready to invest us with deeper golden light even as the bright white days of summer dim.

Oxylight Skin Forgiveness in the Golden Light of Fall

Thus, the following comments are designed to bring you more understanding of the medical science behind the Oxylight treatment for your skin.

Soon fall’s changes will bring softer light and gentler breezes. But it won’t be long until you have to face the winter.  And it can get a little rough on skin here during storm season.  Then, you also must plunge face-foreword into the busiest and stressful times of the year, the holiday season.

For now, we suggest your skin will forgive you any small summer transgressions if you embrace it with a little professional attention.  We suggest the Sapphire 3 Oxylight treatment.

For years we have called it the Red Carpet Treatment.  This is because it is the formerly secret and always transformative treatment enjoyed by Celebrities before their Red Carpet events.

From Red Carpet Fantasy to Every Day Life

Now, we know your Red Carpet event this season might be the daily arrival of the kids’ coming home from school.  But Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa thinks your family deserves to see you in your healthiest, “glowing-est,” youngest, skin.  Likewise, as we said, the winter holidays invite us to look and feel our best.

Oxylight Treatment can be customized by your specialist in different lengths and duration of light.

Your Light Prescription Depends on the Lengths of Light Your Altiora Skin Specialist Dictates.

First Feature: Oxy-light Calms Summer Skin:  With Wavelengths of Light and Rfd.

  • The Oxy-light treatment utilizes wavelengths of light to liven up the cells that stimulate collagen production.
  • These wavelengths also destroy harmful bacteria.
  • The science incorporates radio frequency waves.
  • The radio frequency waves combine with light in order to oxygenate and tighten your skin.
  • None of this is painful in any way.

The light and the Rf waves are powerful but gentle.  In fact, they generate a sensation of relaxation.

The Second Feature:  Diamond Micro-dermabrasion:

Refresh, Revitalize, and Restore Your Summer Skin with Oxylight Treatment.

Restore the Texture and Destroy Summer Dryness with Delicate Dermabrasion by Your Oxylight Specialist.

The Oxylight diamond micro-abrasion tip on the hand piece will give you ablation and exfoliation.  It is painfree, crystal:  free and suction-free.  If you want to discover more technical information, you will enjoy the online official reference.

The Third Feature:  Customized Serums and Nutrients

Oxylight Brings You A-No-Wait-for-Improvement Vision Of velvety skin.

Once this step of the treatment is complete, this unique micro-dermabrasion system will allow your skin to better absorb the oxygen and light therapies.  This feature of the Oxylight Therapy can improve:

A. age spots,
B. darkened patches of skin and
C. black heads,

And it even reduces light scars and fine lines.  Acne cannot resist the healing power of this part of the treatment.
With this non-invasive skin treatment, you will see immediate improvement in the tone, texture and appearance of the skin.

The Oxylight and the Mysterious Power of Oxygen:

Not only light, but also oxygen empowers the treatment.  “Oxylight’s unique oxygen system takes the regular air you are breathing, called “ambient air,” and transforms it to 95% pure oxygen.”

Then the Altiora skin professional will customize nutrients, vitamins and oxygen to infuse and penetrate your skin at a deeper level.
Not only are the formulas individualized for your skin, but the appropriate formula for your skin can be applied at individualized settings.  These include Oxygen High Pressure Spray, Oxygen Spray, and Negative Pressure Vacuum Therapy.

If you skin is dull, dry or flaky, a new radiance and plumpness will appear.
Here in Sarasota at St.Armands Circle, we suggest you just lay back, relax and rejuvenate.  The Oxylight Triple Treat Therapy has been a well-kept secret of Hollywood Beauties for years.

A Family appreciates the effort you make to be your best

We Take Care of You So You Can Take Care of Them: An Altiora Promise.

Simply call us for your Oxylight skin therapy; it’s a refreshing vacation for your skin.  –And it does not  even add any calories!

It is however, the perfect time to become acquainted with the Altiora Skincare Line.  Check it out at our Dream Skin article.  And remember sunscreen is just as important in Fall and Winter as it is in Summer.

The brand we recommend for year round use is Altiora’s own “Melanin Shade.”  And it feels like suede when you apply it.  Thank you for reading the blog at Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa.

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