Recent statistics in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons 2012 Report of Plastic Surgery Statistics have proven that more and more men are discovering the value of cosmetic surgery. Of the 12.6 million plastic surgery procedures conducted this year, 1.1 million have been performed on men.

Compare this statistic to the year 2000, when only 225,009 of the surgeries were for men. Now we can see that the men’s statistics are up by a dramatic 9 per cent. Why has this trend developed?

“Today, men are turning to cosmetic surgery in an effort to help break the cycle of interaction between appearance and negative self-image,” said Dr. Robert Grant, M.D., of Columbia University.

Women have know about the value of good skin care for generations, but men have been slower to accept the value of improving their outward appearance. At Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, we are greatly in favor of this new trend.

In the first place, we know that men who are interested in a vital, youthful appearance, are well advised to put more focus on their daily goals for general physical fitness. Good skin and good health habits go hand in hand.

Let’s look at some major tips and strategic information organized by age. We call it our brief “Gentleman’s Guide to Cosmetic Surgery.”

For Gentlemen in their 30’s: Like Dr. Grant, we urge male as well as female patients to maintain muscle mass with good exercise and eating habits. We must stay hydrated, eat healthfully, and focus on skincare. It is never too soon to start using sun block properly, and avoiding over-exposure to the hottest times of the day.

For Gentlemen in their 40’s: Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Clinic joins Dr. Grant in focusing on guarding against loss of facial skin elasticity. Moisture is key. Orlando Cosmetic Surgery presents a complete line of Obagi skin treatments. They assist every skin-type in thwarting the signs of aging and loss of collogen and elasticity. We have seen that Botox and Juvederm are gaining in popularity with men this year, and we recommend that gentlemen who want to keep their faces refreshed and rested should call us about Botox Injections. We can also provide you with extensive information about the beauty of facial fillers.

If not ready for a full face lift, many men choose to get a neck lift at this age. “The neck lift wraps sagging muscles crosswise to the jaw to restore that all-important right angle.” Compared with a facelift, sutures are smaller, and recovery time is much shorter. If there are two many crinkles around your eyes, or if your lids betray your age with a sad sag, we recommend blepharoplasty.

For Gentlemen in their 50’s: At this age men begin to deal with aging effects such as sagging skin jaw line and around the neck. Special Note Just for the Guys:  Dr. Grant explained, “A different surgical technique to what’s traditionally used in women is required to better hide scars from facelifts and necklifts.”

According to The American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, “The most common procedures among men currently are liposuction, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, breast reduction to treat enlarged male breasts, and otoplasty (cosmetic ear surgery).”

Orlando Cosmetic Surgery encourages gentlemen to realistically evaluate their goals before committing to cosmetic surgery. Naturally, they must choose a reliable, board certified surgeon, like Dr. Orlando Cicillioni for consultation and surgery.

A Special Message

There can be no better time than now to convey our heartfelt good wishes for the Happy Season of Holidays  ahead.  To all of our friends, clients, families, associates and blog readers:

The entire staff of Orlando Cosmetic Surgery hopes that you feel love and warmth of family and friends, all around you at this special time. We hope that “joyfulChristmas feeling” sheds radiance over the entire year that lies ahead. May all your holiday dreams come true!




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